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Realm of the Spider (garavagliat Horror Challenge)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

This story is about a creature as old as time itself. To survive it must consume blood. It prefers human blood. It's true shape is that of a large silver spider, but it can transform into human shape at will. It has been trapped for over thirty years in a small cage behind a brick wall in its former home. It waits for freedom and to extract vengence on those who imprisoned it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 1, 2010    Reads: 52    Comments: 21    Likes: 24   

The young girl pulled her car into the slightly overgrown driveway. She had almost missed the turn off from the freeway. She had been driving for several hours and had not stopped along the way. Her long skinny slightly tanned legs ached from sitting too long. Now finally she had reached her destination. She grabbed her purse, keys, and travel bag and climbed out of her late model Volkswagen beetle. She stood a stately six foot tall. Her hair was the same color her mother's had been, it was a soft light brown and she had just last year opted to cut it short. She also had the same eyes that her mother had possessed, they were hazel. Most people when they first met her thought she was beautiful. Her name was Ella Cunningham. She had married her childhood sweetheart two years ago. Now she had traveled to Green Bow to see if the house her parents had left her would be ideal living quarters for her and her husband or another let down.
Ella stood in front of the house on Lee Street. Ella's mother and father had inherited it from a friend after his rather bizarre and untimely death. Ella had asked them about him several times when she was younger, but they both either ignored her questions or gave some vague mystic answer she could not understand. Evidently from what her parents had told her that she could comprehend, he had gone out on his boat and never returned. No trace of his body had ever been found and he was eventually declared dead. The stately mansion that Ella gazed at was his and he had left it to her mother Claire Albright in his will.

The house had not been lived in for over thirty years and needed an extensive restoration. The roof had a few missing shingles and some of the gutters were barely attached. She made mental notes of things she saw that needed immediate attention. Several of the window panes were broken, most likely by vandals or young hooligans. Ella loved the basic look and feel of the oversized Victorian home and for some reason it reminded her of a dollhouse her parents had purchased for her. The rest of the renovations could wait till a later date. Paint would be a plus for the house since the old paint was starting to peel and slough off, besides she thought I don't care for the dark gray color. A coat or two of some nice white paint would give the old place a totally clean look. Having assessed the damages on the exterior of the home she found herself walking down the sidewalk and up the massive stone stairs. This she liked, she thought to herself at least the sidewalk and stairs would not need any work done to them. The massive front yard lay in ruins. The grass had not been cared for and stood at least a foot tall. The few trees she saw as she walked toward the house were in desperate need of trimming. Good thing her husband enjoyed yard work, she thought to herself. At one time she imagined the place had been immaculately kept, but now it looked like wilderness which needed taming in the worst sort of way. She walked slowly to the front door and inserted the key. She forced the door open and walked inside. The smell of dust and decay assailed her nose as she entered the house. No time to chicken out she chided, best get busy.

She spent the day taking measurements of the floors and windows. Ella paused from time to time and wrote her dimensions on a layout plan she had printed from one of those home fix it up places. The interior of the home was not as decrepit as the outside was. She plotted and designed each room. In the master bedroom Ella noticed the brick wall that covered the area against the west wall. She thought it rather odd that anyone would want such a thing instead of tile or a smooth painted surface. Her hand touched the surface thinking perhaps there had been a fireplace in the room and as an after thought the fireplace had been blocked off to conserve heat. The red brick felt rough and grainy and Ella flinched as she hit an extremely rough area. The sharp surface opened a small gash in her right hand and she cried out in pain. Instinctively she pushed the injured area to her lips to stop the bleeding.
"That settles it," she said pointing at the brick wall, "You I don't like and you will be gone."
On the other side of the wall, the spider had sensed someone was close to the wall. He heard the cry of pain and smelled the fresh warm blood. Its senses reeled. Just as quickly the presence was gone, but not before it heard the words the person had spoken.
At last freedom was at hand. The wall would come down and then the fun could start. A smile appeared briefly as it planned an appropriate re-emergence into the human world.
Having tended to her injury, Ella noticed the darkness creeping in the windows and when she looked at her watch she realized it was almost six in the evening. She quickly gathered her tape measure and layout. Having had one last look around she headed for the door.

"Yep," she said to the house, "you're going to need a lot of work."
As Ella continued toward the door to start her journey home her cell phone rang. She dug through her oversized purse and retrieved it.
"Hello!" she said, "Hi sweetie! Just getting ready to head home. It might be seven or eight before I get there. See you in a little. Love you! Bye!"
As Ella was placing her cell phone back in her purse from somewhere in the upper part of the house she thought she heard a sound. It was a strange scratching type noise. It was there quite distinct one moment than just as quickly gone. Her skin crawled and she felt her heart kick up a decibel. Ella searched in vain, but was never able to find an explanation for the peculiar sound. She passed it off as mice or rats and made a mental note to buy some traps.
Behind the brick wall the spider had heard the sounds of movement in the house. It hoped whatever the sounds were it would be found and set free. A large rat unaware the spider was not as helpless as it seemed, ventured to close to the cage. A silver silken chord flew through the air and ensnared the creature. More threads wrapped about the rat's face and front legs. The spider realizing it had captured its prey began pulling the subdued rat closer to the cage's side. The rat squeaked and fought valiantly but soon the spider sank its fangs into the creature's muzzle and began to suck it dry.
After draining the rat completely the spider felt better. Perhaps today was not a bad day after all. Having sated its lust for a bit the spider lulled itself back into a deep slumber where it devised any number of horrible ways of killing off its captors.


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