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Realm of the Spider (garavagliat Horror Challenge)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

This story is about a creature as old as time itself. To survive it must consume blood. It prefers human blood. It's true shape is that of a large silver spider, but it can transform into human shape at will. It has been trapped for over thirty years in a small cage behind a brick wall in its former home. It waits for freedom and to extract vengence on those who imprisoned it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 3, 2010    Reads: 65    Comments: 18    Likes: 17   

Ella made her way back on to the freeway. Things were looking up for her and her husband Stan. They had both found jobs not to far from where the house was located and renovations would not take long to make the house livable. She adored the neighborhood and the house itself. She began to plot and scheme as she made her way back to the apartment where she and Stan had lived for two years. It seemed fortune had smiled on her for a change.
Ella still had not recovered from her parent's deaths. A drunk driver had slammed into her parent's car and they died immediately. Tears started to form in her eyes. She could feel the anger and despair rising in her throat as it had so many times before. They had locked the drunken driver up for a year and then set him lose on society once more.
"It's not fair!" Ella screamed at the top of her lungs, "It's just not fair!"
The door had slammed as the visitor to his home left. Silence weighed down on him yet again. Feeling the exhilaration of freedom and now the despondency of captivity he fell back into a hibernation state. The rat had given him some amount of energy, but not near enough. He would wait impatiently as he had for years. As he slept he dreamed of a time when he was not here locked away and an evil smirk appeared around his deadly fangs. Memories and dreams of Claire filtered in clearly as if it were only yesterday………………………
"You are so beautiful tonight, Claire," he had said to her.
"Thank you, Nicholas," Claire had replied with a blush, "You look very stunning yourself."
Nicholas had straightened his tie like a foolish school boy. Each time he was with his lovely Claire he wanted to never leave her side. A sense of normalcy came over him as if nothing mattered but to make her happy. Her eyes enchanted and bewitched him. He had never felt for another as he did for this goddess.
"Shall we be off then," Nicholas asked taking Claire's tiny delicate hand in his.
"Yes," she had answered smiling at him with her lips and those hazel eyes she possessed.
They had spent an evening at the opera, drinking wine and exchanging hungry glances. He wanted her so desperately and deeply. She seemed at the time to want the same of him. How could he be so foolish!
After the opera he had escorted her back home and she prepared a night cap for him. As they sat in Claire's modest living room he felt compelled to share his love and dark secret with her, the woman he longed to share his life with. Nicholas had taken a large swallow of the brandy and then began pacing the floor in front of Claire. He was unsure of how she would take his confessions.
"Whatever is the matter?" Claire asked him smiling, "Are you in some type of distress?"
He had walked over to the sofa and taken Claire's hand into his own. From inside his trouser pocket he retrieved a ring box. He presented it to her. Claire gasped as she saw the one carat diamond engagement ring. A look of concern crossed her delicate facial features.
"Well, Claire will you marry me?" Nicholas asked impatiently.
"The ring is just exquisite," she whispered, "You know I love you Nicholas but don't you think it is a bit soon to think of such things?"
His eyes narrowed and darkened for a second and then he answered pleadingly, "I know what I want Claire. I want you and only you."
Claire smiled and him and replied, "Yes then darling let us plan a wedding, shall we."
Nicholas picked her up and kissed her full on her lips. He could feel the blood coursing through her young tender body. She pressed close to him and sighed. A yearning started deep inside him and his kisses explored deeper into her mouth. The sweetness of youth and life were strong in her and his arousal became complete.
There had been that magical night with her. It was everything and more than he could have ever wanted. They could and should have been happy together, but he had opted to tell her everything. It was the second mistake he had ever made in his eternal life; the first mistake was in loving her.
He had told her after their night of passion about his true nature. At first Claire laughed and said what an imagination he possessed. Nicholas had changed before her eyes. His human disguise was dispelled quickly enough and there before his now quite hysterical fiancé he stood swaying back and forth on his long thin eight legs.
Claire watch in horror as Nicholas' flesh disappeared and his facial features decomposed. What stood in front of her at last was a gigantic hideous silver colored spider. The creature stood a good five feet in height and encompassed at least a quarter of her living room. Where Nicholas' lips had been there were now two fangs that dripped steadily. Terrified she screamed and fainted dead away.
When Claire finally opened her eyes, she was lying on the sofa and Nicholas hovered over her. It was not hard to convince her she had been having a nightmare of sorts, or so he thought. He had been careless and now that she knew what Nicholas really was, she plotted and schemed to have an end to him.
She had enlisted the services of Bill Albright, Tim Newton, and Chester Cunningham. They helped ensnare him first in the larger trap they had prepared for him and then later in the smaller wire mesh cage. He had tried to escape or at least take one of them with him, but they had taken precautions and succeeded in absolving him of his freedom.
He watched as Claire, his Claire, was being held tightly by Chester Cunningham. Nicholas also observed the same look of hunger in his former friend Chester's eyes as had been in his own. He fought the heavy wire mesh of the cage and tried to escape. He would kill Chester quickly and feed on him, but the woman he would torture first.
The four co-conspirators had tried to kill him using various techniques, but soon found he would not die. Fire, water, lack of air, and bug spray seemed to have no affect on him. They finally devised a plan to seal him in behind the wall he now looked at day in and day out. It had been the cruelest blow. Claire had inherited the house. He had written her into his will in anticipation of their up and coming marriage. She had not rented or sold the house for fear he would be discovered and released.
Now after endless years of non-existence he might regain freedom and dole out the justice he felt the four deserved. A leg twitched and he sighed in his dreams.
Soon his mind wandered off to more pleasant memories. There was the young woman, who was barely sixteen that he had lured into an alley and killed. He had tortured her first taking care no one would hear her screams. Slowly he had wound her in the silk cocoon he spun. Nicholas had left her eyes where he could observe her reactions and so might see that he was devouring her from the bottom up. As he remembered a smile appeared raising his fangs high above his lower lip.
"Sweet," he whispered to his neighbors, the rats and roaches, "So very sweet and tasty."


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