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The Voodoo Doll (Mirjana's Challenge)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

This is the story of Adeline Gaudet and her twin daughters Gabrielle and Delphine. The story takes place in a section of the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Steeped full of Voodoo and dark magic this tale of adventure and horror is sure to thrill and inspire the reader. View table of contents...


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voodoo doll
Voodoo in today's culture is still looked upon as dark magic steeped in stories of voodoo dolls, spells, and zombies. Voodoo however is not a dark cult but a practice which has grown into an organized and accepted form of religion. Followers of Voodoo in Louisiana believe in one God who does not interfere with their day to day lives. He is there though to grant favors and answer prayers. The mambo or priestess is the main religious leader recognized by the followers of voodoo. The mambo conducts ceremonies and calls upon the spirits to aid members of the congregation. Amulets of protection which are called gris gris are still used by modern day practitioners of the voodoo faith. Voodoo dolls are also used but they are constructed to offer protection, healing, and wealth.
There are always those people in any religion who look to use their power as religious leaders to distort and control people by less than spiritual means. These people practice a dark type of magic from which the leader can draw great power.
This is the story of Adeline Gaudet and her twin daughters Delphine and Gabrielle. In my story Adeline Gaudet holds the position of mambo or priestess in a small community contained within the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. She was awarded this honor after her mother tried to sway her followers to a darker religion. Once Adeline's mother was exposed for the evil creature, which she was, Adeline became the new mambo. Adeline's mother was sent into exile and banished from the small community.
Chapter 1
They were born to Adeline Gaudet on Christmas Eve. Her pregnancy had been difficult and Adeline was in hard labor for over twenty four hours. Adeline's husband Louie had died three months before of some strange disease the doctors had tried hard to diagnosis and treat. They had failed miserably. Adeline suspected her mother had a hand in her husband's death, but she could never prove it. Now all Adeline had left of him were the two babies she was about to deliver. All of Adeline's followers kept vigil that night for she was their priestess. Adeline held the highest honor that could be bestowed on anyone that was a member of the voodoo religion. Adeline after suffering the pains of childbirth brought forth twin girls. The midwife thought at first they were identical, but on closer examination found one of the girls had blue eyes while the other's eyes were black as coal.
"No good magic here!" the midwife exclaimed as she washed each of the babies and handed them to Adeline.
"Nonsense Marie," Adeline replied smiling at her children, "they are perfection. There is no bad magic here."
She named the girls Delphine and Gabrielle. Delphine had dark eyes almost the color of a moonless sky and Gabrielle had eyes the color of clear water. Adeline blessed each of her children and crooned to them. The midwife took her leave and walked out to pass the news along to the anxious followers that their mambo was fine and so were the babies. A cheer went up as the word reached them and a celebration ensued to give thanks and praise to the spirits.
The celebration carried on until well into the night. Adeline after nursing and rocking her daughters to sleep soon slept herself. This particular night her sleep would not be a restive one.
A sound of thunder woke Adeline from her sleep. The skies had opened wide and brought forth a bounty of rain and wind. Marie had gone home for the evening and Adeline heard a thumping sound coming from the far end of her bedroom. Cautiously she arose, curious to see what the sound was. A shadow stood at the open window peering at the infants as they slept in their cradle.
"So!" a familiar voice said harshly, "You've given birth have you?"
"Mother," Adeline replied to the shadow, "What are you doing here? Did I not tell you that you are not welcome here?"
"I came to see my granddaughters," she hissed.
"Well you have seen them," Adeline answered coldly, "now you can leave."
"You forget so quickly, girl," Adeline's mother croaked, "you would not be where you are today if not for me and the power I passed on to you."
"No, mother," Adeline said shaking her head, "you misused your magic and lost your place as mambo. It was not my fault you chose to use your gift performing black magic."
Adeline's mother stood transfixed in the pouring rain peering in at the twin girls. She seemed to focus most of her attention on Delphine. Adeline could see a look of adoration or awe on her mother's face as she watched Delphine sleeping. A cold chill ran up Adeline's back and she moved to the window to fasten it.
"You should give me the one with the black eyes," Adeline's mother said almost insistently, "she belongs to the dark side and needs to be with me. You owe me that child for what you and the others did to me."
"No mother," Adeline answered without hesitation, "they are both good girls and will stay here with me. They will not become a part of your plans for power and evil."
With this Adeline closed the window and latched it tight. She walked quietly over to her sleeping children and kissed them lightly on the forehead. Adeline would work on charms of protection for her girls in the morning. As she made her way back to bed the wind began to howl and her bedroom window began to shake unsteadily. She could hear an evil cackling sound as her mother made her way back to the tiny house which sat on the outskirts of the community.


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