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Your Heart Is Mine( garavagliat Horror Challenge) completed

Novel By: mommy3

There have been many missing girls in the town of Plover. These young girls have often disappeared on Valentine’s Day. When the missing girls were found they were dead with the hearts cut out. When the police found the missing girls they found them in the forest or the lakes. The police had no leads and were struggling to find the killer. The only thing the killer left was a signed valentine’s card in blood saying this heart belongs to me. Who could be this killer and will he eventually be caught? (Completed) View table of contents...


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Chapter one

There have been many missing girls in the town of Plover. These young girls have often disappeared on Valentine's Day. When the missing girls were found they were dead with the hearts cut out. When the police found the missing girls they found them in the forest or the lakes. The police had no leads and were struggling to find the killer. The only thing the killer left was a signed valentine's card in blood saying this heart belongs to me.

Two couples were moving into Plover in a new house. They were engaged and were going to be married on Valentine's Day. They have known each other about eleven years pretty much high school sweethearts. They couldn't wait till they were married and were excited about moving into their new home. Little did they know there was a serial killer out on the loose in this town?

Jasmine was so happy that they had their own house and not an apartment. She was so sick of renting and the neighbors she had. At least this town looked nice and she loved the house. She was looking at the beautiful scenery around the house. There was a beautiful forest preserve that was covered in beautiful purple flowers.

Dylan was looking for Jasmine and he found her with her camera out taking pictures of the forest and scenery. He smiled looking at her with adoration. He loved her with all his heart and would till the day he died. He walked up to her and gave her hug making her squeal since she didn't know he was there.

Back in the log cabin about ten blocks from their house was the serial killer. He was waiting for his next victims. He was actually well known around here as the sheriff of the town. No one knew he was the killer. He found out his true love came into his town his beloved Jasmine. He found out she was engaged and wanted to kill this so called boyfriend of hers.

He left his log cabin and started going to the couple's new house. He was getting closer and decided to hide in the forest preserve so he could watch his beloved. He was watching them give each other a hug and was becoming angry. He decided to go find more victims to take his anger out. As he was walking back he accidentally stepped on a twig making noise.

"Honey what was that noise?" Jasmine said.

"What noise babe? I didn't hear anything." Dylan said while kissing her on the mouth.

The strange man was looking on and wanted to kill the bastard right now. Oh soon I will kill you. Then I will have my beloved. He thought.

He walked back to the police station so he could cool off before doing anything stupid. He was looking at the missing files of the missing girls and smirked. They will never catch me. I am too smart no one will ever know. He thought. He was sitting at the desk and starting thinking of his beloved he couldn't wait till he was hers.

He started making plans on how to have Jasmine all to himself. He was getting excited on how he would be able to kiss her luscious lips. He loved her and hoped she felt the same way otherwise things would turn out badly.

Since he couldn't have her he decided to go get some more women and have some fun. He loves women but can't stand when they reject him or are mean. If the women are like this he will have his revenge.

He remembers what happened last night and hoped the other woman would treat him better than the one from last night. He was kindly talking to her and she was hitting on him. Not really though she was just trying to be nice. He was walking out of the restaurant when he noticed her car was not working and offered her a ride. At first she refused, but then thought it would be a better idea to just get a ride than wait for a taxi.

He was angry when she first refused and decided later on he would teach her a lesson. She told him that her house was a couple of blocks away. She noticed that they were getting closer to her house and he drove past it. What the hell? What's going on here? She thought.

"Um mister you passed my house. Where are we going?" she asked.

He didn't reply and ignored her question. He couldn't wait to have some fun with her. She knew something was wrong and tried opening the door, but it wouldn't budge. She started freaking out and screaming for help. She was so noisy that he decided to do something to shut her up for awhile. He grabbed her hair by her head and kept smashing her face into the dashboard of his car. She was bloody and unconscious afterwards.

He drags her out of the car taking her to an abandoned factory where there is nothing else around for miles so no one can hear her screams. He saw some chains hanging on the ceiling and decided to use them.

She was suspended in the air by the chains spread eagle with her arms and legs. He made sure she would not be able to move or fight back. He slapped her face hard to wake her up. She groggily woke up and became scared when she realized what was happening.

"What do you want? Please just let me go!" She screamed.

"I want to have a little fun and teach you a lesson bitch." He growled.

"No please just let me go. I will do whatever you want just let me go." She said.

"Shut up or I will cut your tongue out do you understand me you stuck up little bitch!" He yelled.

She nodded her head yes so he wouldn't cut out her tongue. She hoped she would be able to escape somehow and not die.

When he took out his razorblade from his back pocket she knew this wouldn't be good. She immediately closed her eyes to block out any horrible images.

He became pissed off and said Open your eyes. Or I will make you open them. She refused and he grabbed her chin forcefully. He took his razorblade and slowly starting cutting at her eyelids. She screamed once he started cutting. He was going to cut off her eyelids so she would be forced to watch everything.

"Nooo…. Please stop. It hurts I will do whatever you want. Please just stop." She cried.

"I am not going to tell you again you stupid slut. You better shut the hell up or I will cut off your tongue." He said.

He grabbed her chin again to show her that everything was not always about looks. He sliced her cheeks with the razorblade making her cry out. There bitch now you aren't so pretty. Are you? He thought. Since she didn't listen he grabbed her tongue and ripped it out. She was screaming Ahhhh…. when he finished his handiwork.

This woman obviously needs to be taught a lesson. Kids now these days need more discipline. He thought. He was so mad and frustrated he grabbed her breasts and used his razorblade to start slowly cutting off her breasts. Then when he was done he cut out her heart to have as a souvenir. He wrote in blood this heart belongs to me on the Valentine's Day card. He made sure the valentine day card was left on the floor to leave his mark that the killer struck again. He laughed evilly.


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