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By: MosstalonWoodAdrian

Chapter 8,

"So to recap, you'll spend most of your time daydreaming in this chair." Paul grinned at me. Once again, we were in his office. A day had passed since Gary's arrival, and I was already getting used to my new room in The Lab.
Moore had been telling me more about the Megaleioths. Apparently, while it was sending ideas to the employees, it would also be talking to me. I didn't even have to know how to run a company; the Megaleioths would do it for me, sending my thoughts in the right direction so I knew what to say for almost every occasion. Eventually, of course, I would get the hang of it on my own, but until then the Megaleioths would be leading me like a dog.
Not to mention, thanks to its tampering with my brain, I would be able to observe things better, to control myself (sort of), and think for long periods of time on one subject. There were, however, drawbacks. Unless I interacted with someone almost constantly, my social skills would deplete rapidly, and I would detest the thought of talking to, or seeing anyone. For Paul, this side affect had worn off over time, but he didn't know if it would do the same for me.
The other thing I had to worry about was my emotions. I had previously observed that Paul was a little bi-polar, but as it turned out he was hiding the worst from me. "You know the basic emotions right?" He had asked, the morning sunlight casting a golden light into the room. "Happy, sad, mad? You're going to be feeling one of those emotions constantly. Of course, I can ignore it, but for the first few years here it can get pretty bad."
I was already beginning to despise the Megaleioths. I thought to myself then that I was going to ignore most of what it said. Of course, I hadn't known then that that wasn't an option.
Paul had no idea how the Megaleioths came to be, or what it was exactly, but he had a pretty good idea that it had existed for a very, very long time. "Try to stay on its good side, that's all I'm saying." There had been a touch of seriousness in his voice, but I didn't care. If this thing was going to mess with me, I was going to mess right back. This was one of my worst ideas, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have such an interesting tale to tell now would I?

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