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To Be In Another's Skin

Novel By: MTraband

There isn't really a way to describe this story without ruining anything. If you are a horror fan but like your horror to stray from the typical zombie/ghost/vampire path, give this a read. Not for those that are easily offended or disgusted. Just know that the skinless man demands that you read this, and you have to do what the skinless man tells you to do. View table of contents...


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JP woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak. He had a weak bladder and seemed incapable of making it through an entire night anymore without waking to piss. Something was completely different about this time though. Ralph was no longer lying across his chest. He must be getting a drink from his water bowl, JP thought to himself. As he got out of bed, he felt something drip on his head from the ceiling. He reached for the pull chain on the ceiling fan to turn on the light. The vision that met JP once the light came on would torment him for the rest of his life. Ralph's dead body hung from one of the ceiling fan blades by the bikini top that Silk had worn that night. Blood dripped from the dog's lifeless body. The dog's eyes were plucked from their sockets, which is where the blood was oozing from. Suddenly, JP didn't have to urinate anymore. Sheer terror had emptied his bladder. There was no escaping this skinless man. He meant business. He did say that he knew where he lived, and obviously so. JP continued to stare at Ralph's suspended body in disbelief. Tears streamed down his face.

"Man up, you pussy," said the skinless man. He stood behind JP, smoking a cigar. JP, infuriated by what the skinless man had done to his dog, turned to face him and tackled him into the wall. The skinless man gasped and dropped his cigar as he crashed into the wall. JP propped himself on top of the skinless man and started to pummel his face. The skinless man started to laugh as JP took out his frustrations on him. After allowing JP to punch him repeatedly for a few seconds, the skinless man grew bored and pushed JP off of him so hard that he flew into the ceiling. The skinless man rolled out of the way as JP came crashing back down to the ground. He picked up his cigar, which miraculously had remained lit.

"You little bastard, you made me drop my cigar," the skinless man said calmly, walking over to JP's shaken body. He kicked JP in the side with brute force. JP curled up into fetal position and started to cry again.

"You are such an embarrassment," the skinless man said nonchalantly, rolling his eyes.

"What do you want from me?" cried JP.

"Seriously? Seriously? I have made it pretty clear what I want. Bring me that skank's dead body. You have no time to sleep," the skinless man demanded.

"B-b-b-but I don't know where she lives or were she is right now or anything! This is ridiculous," said JP.

"Listen, just get in your car and drive back towards the strip club. You'll find her," said the skinless man.

"You know what? I'm not doing it. Just kill me. You already killed my dog," said JP.

"I didn't kill your dog, JP. Scout's honor," the skinless man laughed.

"Bullshit!" said JP.

"See for yourself," said the skinless man, pulling a cell phone out of his thigh muscle. He hunched over to JP and pulled up a video on the phone. "Press play," he demanded. JP complied and pressed play. The video was filmed in JP's kitchen. The video showed the kitchen, empty except for the black light that had filled the room. Muffled yelps are heard, getting progressively louder as the video plays. Silk enters the kitchen from the dining room entrance. In her arm is Ralph: one hand over his mouth and the other arm choking the life out of him. Ralph struggles for air, convulsing as he tries to take one last sweet breath. His body suddenly stops squirming and Silk slams the body onto the kitchen counter. Silk goes over to the dish strainer and picks up a small butcher knife.

"OK, that's enough!" JP shouted. He was pissed now. This bitch - this worthless skank - had broken into his home and took what was nearest to him. JP's eyes had morphed into burning coals. He was shaking uncontrollably and clearly ready to explode.

"So, now you understand why I want that bitch dead. She's fucking evil. I don't know where she is now, but as you can see, she was obviously here," said the skinless man.

"That bitch is as good as dead," said JP. He grabbed his keys from the top of his dresser and slipped his shoes on. The skinless man handed JP a boxcutter and winked. "Kill her dead," said the skinless man as he chuckled. JP stomped out the front door and slammed the door behind him. As soon as JP left the house, the skinless man walked out to the kitchen. Ralph sat at his water bowl, getting a drink. The skinless stroked Ralph's back as he sucked down the water. Ralph had both of his eyes in his sockets and didn't look as if he had suffered any trauma in his entire life, and for good reason. Nothing had happened to him. The same soon wouldn't be able to be said about Silk though.


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