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What Goes Unseen (Old Version)

Novel By: NonExistentNinja

Ever get that feeling when your asleep that your being watched or someone is in the room with you? Or maybe you hear a noise startling you from sleep. The hair on your body stands up, you get that frozen in fear feeling, you dont want to open your eyes because you just KNOW someone will be right there in your view. Someone who SHOULDNT be there.

So you finally open your eyes, slowly, as to not scare yourself. Not seeing anything you lift your head and peer around your room. Theres nothing there.....but you could have sworn you heard a shuffle of feet, felt someone close by. You squint in order to see in the dark better and look all over your room.

A shadow moves. A ripple of fear and knowing you were right buzzes through your body. Flipping on a lamp you look at where you saw the shadow and realize.....it was just your sweatshirt hanging on the top of your closet door. You sigh in relief turning the lamp off, telling yourself what an idiot you are. 'How could I be so stupid. I'm acting like a 13 year old girl!' is what you grumply tell yourself.

Your instincts were telling you no lies. We ARE watching you. We ARE right here in the room patienly waiting. Clinging to the ceiling and wall. Just staring at you. Watching every move. Waiting for the right time.

Now you dont trust your instincts. You 'know' they are 'lying' so when the feeling comes again of being watched you ignore it and drift off into dream land. Just how we want it. So easy to fool. So blind to the world around you. This is the story of what goes unseen. View table of contents...


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Chapter One- Kavaki

*This does have gore, so if you can't stand that do not read this story*

As everyday goes.

Another day gone as I gaze out of the large window, sun setting in the distance. It's been empty here for years now. When it will end? I do not know. For now I sit in waiting. In the darkness I sit. Alone I watch over this house, as it has always been and will be.


"No one came today," The large jet black wolf says laying his head on his huge paws.

"I know. Soon, soon they will come," I say sitting at my kitchen counter idly tapping sharp nails on the hard surface.

"You're so sure? It's been three years now. Someone would have come by now don't you think?" He reply's orange eyes staring at me.

"Shut up Fenris. This is MY house. I will not leave it!" I snarl at the wolf, Fenris, in anger. He pauses for a second before replying.

"I know. I sometimes forget how possessive you demons can be. Especially your kind," Fenris says finishing with a giant yawn, sharp fangs exposed.

"Exactly. So don't say another word about it."

"Yes, yes. But one thing I do need to say," I growl at him but he continues. "You don't have enough energy sources here. Feeding on mice, rats, bugs? It's taking its toll on you Kavaki."

"Taking a toll? Who do you think I am? Some lower powerless demon? I'm third form the top Fenris. I'm not in any trouble. I'm fine. I'm strong enough to survive for ten more years. So keep your mouth shut wolf. You don't know who you're talking to," I spit the words angrily baring my fangs at him.

"As you wish. Just don't say I didn't warn you," he says sighing and closing his bright eyes trying to drift off into sleep.

I stalk off to the downstairs. Its dark in the house since the power had been shut off long ago, but not for me. My night vision is unmatched by any other living creature except from my kind. I glide silently around looking through the empty house, still angry and irritated. I know Fenris is right. I know that but I can't let it get to me. I have to push myself. I have to live. I've lived this long on small things; I can keep doing it for longer. I have to. This is my space. I will not leave it like some defeated rat losing territory. I will die before I hand it over to another demon.

"Tch. Why can't he mind his own? I'm fine," I say snarling to myself.

My eyes catch on an old mirror left behind. Stepping up to it I admire myself. My dark menacing red eyes are enough to shake someone to the core. Short, choppy, dark brown with a small tint of red hair sat on my head. My black tank top, buttoned up in the middle, showed my tattoo looking birthmark that I have on each arm. They are just thick lines going from the insides of my wrists to the outside of my upper arms, not all the way to my shoulders. They are just a few tones darker then my olive skin. My nails are black and slightly long, and sharp. Black skin tight pants with over the knee simple black boots finish my overall look. I wear normal T-Shirts and Jeans, but I just prefer not to until my new humans arrive.

I turn from the mirror and go into the downstairs kitchen. I open one of the wooden cabinets and pull out my Oreos. Opening the seal I inhale the scent of the cookies. Popping on in my watering mouth I go back upstairs. I have both kitchens, mine and the downstairs, filled with human foods for me and Fenris to eat. I put the Oreos far away so I don't eat them all. I'm lazy so if they are in the downstairs I will be less inclined to get them. They are my favorite human food, and getting fat on them is not on my list of things I want to do.

Fenris hasn't moved since I left. His giant black body taking up a lot of the space of my upstairs, or attic, as humans call it. I plop down on my worn out but comfy couch and start munching on more cookies when I feel a sudden presence enter my house.

"So you like human food Madam?"

I stop eating with a nasty look on my face. That voice. It's so irritating and high pitched. Not only does it sound annoying but it's used far too often buy its owner. I gently set my prized Oreos down and look to my left. At the bookcase next to the stairs an Imp, whose name I don't care to remember, stands flipping through one of my books. His clipboard and pen are under his arm. I'm on him fast. Grabbing him by his tiny throat I throw him into the opposite wall.

"What are you doing here Imp?"

"P-please calm d-down miss. I was sent her on o-offical business," he replies now remembering who he's talking to.

"Business? What business? You came last week with your monthly business, remember? Why the hell are you here again?" I say glaring at him. I don't like other demons in my house, let alone annoying ones.

"M-madam it's from the higher ups. Urgent business for everyone."

"Urgent hmm. Well get to the point. I don't have all night," I say.

"I noticed Madam, that there still aren't any humans here. Why do you stay here when it's nothing but abandoned by hu-AHHH," he screams as a sharp old fashioned quill pen sits not one centimeter from his eyeball. I hold out my hand moving it ever closer with my powers.

"I said, GET TO THE POINT IMP! Do you want to lose you good eye? I already took out the other. Was that not enough of a warning the last time?" I say snarling at him readying myself to dig the pen right into the center of his eye.

"S-sorry Madam! I m-meant no disr-respect. Please d-d-don't take my good eye!" he begs sweating.

"Just get on with it. Your voice is giving me a headache," I say lowering the pen but still keeping it floating as a warning.

"O-okay, I was told to spread the word that there has been a demon whose gone mad with the taste of human flesh," he states reading his clipboard now in business mode.

"What's so urgent about that? It happens all the time," I say bored, walking over to my couch, sitting, and grabbing my Oreos.

"Well, it says that the Higher-Ups can't find him. Also they don't know who it is," I look at him raising an eyebrow as if to say 'So?' and he continues. "It has also been proven that he's eating the demons that guard the houses of the humans he eats. That's why he's been put on high alert. They can't track him down because he's random. As if he's not gone crazy. Usually when you guys go crazy you visit every house you can get to. He goes to random houses in random towns. He's been traveling all over the country. So I was sent here to give this information and warn you of danger. Although, seeing as you have no humans here I'd say your safe," as he finishes he puts his clipboard down and looks at me.

"I'll let that remark go for now. Anyway, that's all impossible. A demon eating another demon can't happen. Even just the smell of other demons blood burns our noses. Eating flesh would be impossible. Our insides would be poisoned and rot from the inside out. Fast or slow. Depending on the amount eaten. Not to mention the unbearable pain. Hell just putting it in your mouth would burn holes in your tongue and cheeks, and disintegrate your teeth. Come on be serious. Have the Higher-Ups just lost their minds?" I say.

"Madam, it's all true. No minds have been lost. Here, since you don't believe me here's an image that was taken from his latest murder."

I wave my hand and the photo flies in front of me. I take a good look at it. On it is a body, a giant bite taken out of its torso. Head missing. Blood everywhere on the floor and the body. I see on the arm a mark similar to mine. It's a demons body.

"You get it now right? Nothing can take that huge of a bite out of a body. They tested the saliva and it is indeed of demon origin."

"Hmm. It's not uncommon for demons to fight over territory and one body gets torn apart...but to be eaten? That's just, impossible. Why was the body left?" I ask.

"It's said that the demons spirit helpers got home at the time and one of them escaped. So I'm sure he didn't want to be caught."

"I see. Is this all?"

"Yes this is all, I just need you to sign here to show I informed you," the Imp says holding his clip board out with a piece of paper now showing lists of names and blank spaces.

"Yeah, yeah. Here. Now go. I tire of hearing your annoying voice," I say as I wave him away.

"Humph. You know, you don't look so good Madam. Have you been getting enough EE? I peg you for the fear type," He says and then disappears.

I sigh. The little bastard. This time he wasn't so bad. Usually he gets so off topic and forgets what he's supposed to do. That's why he has already lost an eye. He thought he was clever and told me I wasn't allowed to kill him so he wasn't afraid. I smirked and stabbed his eye out and told him I could still hurt him. His squeal was agonizing to hear.

I begin relaxing on the couch halfway through my Oreos, when I hear footsteps on the back lawn. I growl in irritation wondering what it was now. I'm already on edge so whoever it was had better have a reason for being here.

I listen and hear the back doors window being broken. I smile dangerously to myself. Putting down the Oreos yet again I stand up walk to the stairs take my boots off and wait for my cue. I hear the door open and shut, and I see a flashlight light bounce off the walls erratically, as if the person is nervous. It's time to have some fun.

I jump up onto the ceiling silently and begin to crawl down to the downstairs ceiling. It's pitch black for the human but for me I see everything. As I crawl along the ceiling to the kitchen I stop and watch from the door way. The human put the large flashlight on the counter and is sitting hunched over in front of it. He's breathing hard raspy breaths and shaking as if he's cold, even though he has a hoodie on. I put my hand on the top of the door frame and pull myself closer to see what he's doing. The human has a few needles laying on the counter and one in his hand. He's shaking hard and is trying to put the needle into his skin but cant.

I make a deep angry growl loud enough for him to hear but not know where it came from. Startled he scrambles to grab the flashlight and a gun from his pocket and starts pointing it everywhere around him.

"W-whose there?"

No answer.

"Who the FUCK is there?"

A low growl.


I smirk deciding to take this as a challenge. I crack my bones a little so I can move more like a boneless creature, and I twist my head so it's right side up and change a few of my features. He hears the cracking and says 'What the fuck was that?' I begin to growl out a laugh and slowly pull myself into the kitchen.

"Looking for me huuuuuuuman?" I say grinning evilly showing my fangs at him as I crawl along the ceiling slowly staring at him. He flashes the light at me and I scream at him, fangs bared and dripping with saliva, eyes pitch black, face cracked.

"WHA-WHAT THE FUCK!!!?" He screams, shoots his gun, and drops the flashlight. I laugh as he scrambles to pick it up. When he finally picks it up and flashes it where I am, I'm no longer there.

Wildly he starts flashing the light everywhere getting glimpses of me as I laugh purposely just barely keeping out of his light; he's also shooting wildly making holes in my house. He backs into a large window and now can't find me with his light. All is quiet. I make a growl to his left and he shines his light there only to find nothing. He shines it in that area for a bit breathing hard in fear. He turns the flashlight in front again and screams in terror as my face is just inches from his snarling at him.

I scream angrily in his face baring my long fangs. He drops the flashlight and it rolls around until its shining on the whole room.

"Wha-wha-what a-a-a-are you?" He says shaking. I turn my head to the side and snarl at him.

"Why are you in MY house human?" I say.

"I-I didn't kn-kn-know anyone lived here! P-p-p-p-plea-se don't kill me!" He begs.


"N-no reason! I-I-I swear!" He says shaking more. I growl at him. He picked the wrong house tonight. I have no sympathy for this type of scum.

I make my nails longer and sharper on my right hand. I thrust them up into his jaw. Right where his neck and jaw meet. He makes a terrified noise and gurgles in pain, eyes bulging with tears. I lift him up by his jaw blood running down my hand. He desperately grabs my arm

"You're to slow human. Thinking you can enter MY HOUSE, break MY things, defile MY counter with your nasty toxins, and lie to me, A DEMON, about it?" I bring his face down to mine and look into his terror filled eyes. I smirk when I find what I needed.

I rip my claws across his jaw and out of him. He screams in pain as he drops to the floor. His eyes are wide as he feels how much blood is coming out of his torn face. I grab his right leg and pull it so he's lying on his back. I use my power and make two knives fly to me and I make them fly into his hands pinning them to the floor.

Again I take my right hand and use my claws. I dig them into and under his knee cap. He screams out making more blood pump out. As he whimpers I speak to him.

"Drugs, rape, robbery, murder, defilement of property. You sure qualify as a bad man in the human world and I've seen that you have no family, anymore, no friends. So I have no problem killing you," I say wiggling my claws in deeper slowly scissoring tearing his knee apart. He screams and moans in his throat, coughing on his blood.

"Doesn't this feel good? It's basically the same thing you were doing to yourself, this is just faster," I say grinning evilly at him, my hand beginning to shake. He wildly shakes his head no and tries to speak but it only comes out as a gurgle.

"How about I make it feel even better?" I rip my hand out of his knee, tearing the cap away from the rest of the leg, leaving it attached only by some skin. He screams and his eyes bulge and he tries to get away but he can't. I've got him by his other leg and he isn't going anywhere.

"Crying little human? Why would you do that? Doesn't this feel good?? It should. I mean you really should know. You sawed that human girls leg off," I laugh at him as he starts sobbing. I'm beginning to reach my limit. My body is starting to shake. I need to end this. I stand up and walk up and sit on his chest.

"Too bad. I tire of this play. I guess this is the end," I say, as I again put my claws in to his jaw and dig in deep. He gurgles in pain crying and sweating and I pull on his head. I give him one last smirk before I rip his head from his body. His head makes a wet bouncing noise before it stops in front of the doorway of the kitchen.

I close my eyes and make my features go back to normal. Shaking I stand up. The blood is getting to me. I'm slipping out of my control. I lift my right hand to my mouth and lick some of the blood. I immediately spit it out in disgust. I gain control again.

"You almost lost it there," Fenris says as he enters the kitchen. He shrunk his size in order to fit.

"Yes. Luckily, he was a druggie. His blood tastes like hot acid piss. It's enough to make any demon come back to their senses," I say snarling at the dead body.

"You need humans here Kavaki. You need to be taking blood from them to build your tolerance to human flesh. I don't want you losing your mind," He said staring worriedly at me.

"Fenris I think I know what I'm doing so would you sh-....Its dinner time wolf. Eat up," I say. I stopped myself because I know he's right. I go to the sink and wash my arm of blood.

I hear crunching as Fenris chews on the man's head. Turning around I focus my eyes and switch their dimension. I see what we demons call 'Dust' floating in the air. It's the Emotional Energy, or EE, left behind by the man. It's jumping around wildly as if charged with electricity. That fear's energy. I hold out my right hand and will the Dust to me. I expertly use my powers to find the ends of the strand which are tangled slightly and untangle the mass.

When it's untangled I will it onto my birthmark. My birthmark absorbs it right away and glows red for a few moments. In an instant my body feels recharged with excitement and power. I feel good. Better than I have for a long time. Fenris watches me, waiting patiently until I'm done so he can eat the rest of his 'dinner'.

When I finish I drop my arm. Snapping my fingers all the blood flies off the ground and everywhere else and goes into the sink and down the drain. I make the body fly over to Fenris and he snaps his jaws around it and gobbles it up. I sigh content. Everything is clean again. Except for the holes in the wall and the broken window. That can wait till tomorrow.

"I'm going to rest for a while Fenris. Do me a favor and watch the house for me while I sleep," I say waving my hand and walking out of the room.

"As you wish, Kavaki."


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