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Changes in the Night

Novel By: omgitskandice

Next to having my boyfriend beat up, getting stalked by a vampire that has it out for my family, and dealing with the harsh lifestyle of a slayer, I like to think my life's pretty normal. That is, until Jill came along. Then it got just plain scary.

This is my frist draft so it remains unedited to a point. The second is still in progress, but will also be posted. R&R, please. View table of contents...


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I wore sunglasses. Most slayers wear special lenses to shield them from vamp mojo, I wore both. Because the lenses let you see through their mojo, but they could still see your eyes and you can still see theirs, so they could still bespell you. I definitely didn't want that to happen to me.

My trusty knife sat in its sheath at my side. I had several miniature needles full of holy water in my back pocket. Not smart, you might say. But these are special needles so that the actual needle point won't come out of its protective sheath until after I throw it. Beside, even if I did poke myself, it's only water.

"See, mother," I said, walking around, "nothing to worry about."

She walked out of the trees and into view. Even though she was in her mid-forties, she only looked to be in her late twenties. She had long reddish-blonde hair, like me, and shared that same ocean blue eyes Marc and I had. No one would have guessed she was my mother, though. Too young.

You see, when we reach the coming-of-age ceremony at eighteen we start to age more slowly so that we could live and fight longer. It cancels out the fact that most slayers don't live to be thirty.

Marc, thinking he was being secretive and sneaky jumped out from a bush and lunged forward. I spun toward him and stopped him an arm's length from me with my knife at his neck.

"Only deadly immature teenagers." I teased.

He put a hand around my wrist and moved the knife. I tired to keep it there, but he was stronger than me, which made me glad I was quicker and more lithe. The smile on his face fell away and he raised his arm up. The one that held his gun. "Silence." It was a command.

I dropped and spun, taking a needle out. "Go." I said, but no sound came out. The needle went anyway.

I felt the vibrations of a gunshot above me without any sound. The vampire was down before I even got the chance to take his presence in.

From where I stood, I couldn't see him revert to the state he would have been had he stayed dead, but I could smell him.

Mother pushed herself off the tree she had been leaning on and went to the body. She bent down. "Some flesh, no organs. Relatively young for a vampire. I say he's been dead five to ten years."

I could hear, so I assumed Marc had restored the sound.

"You did good." She said, walking away. "You would have sensed him sooner if you weren't messing around." All six feet of her disappeared into the darkness of the trees. She could bend shadows, and during the night she often came and went as she pleased.

"Hey, Dad." I said without turning. He could mute sound like Marc, and always tried to sneak up on me, but I could sense him. He was more focused than Marc and could mute only a single thing if he wanted.

"Hey, babe. Just saw your mother. Said you two just took out a vamp. Congratulations." Almost fifty, Dad looked like he was maybe thirty. He was a little taller than mother, and was dark like Marc. He looked very little like us, having brown eyes and black hair. It seemed that most of what he shared with us was his attitude. Like us, he was easy-going, almost lazy. He was always happy and saw slaying as stress-management.

"Listen," he said, coming to where we could see him, "I know your mother says that you should always be with one of us, but Friday, if you want, you could go out with your friends, and I'll say I'm with you."

"Cool," Marc said. We started walking. In his own world, Dad started to fall behind. After a moment Marc spoke. "Seth's not coming."

"Like hell he's not." I said.

"You guys don't control yourselves." He said as if he had years more experience.

"Fuck you," I said. "I do just fine."

"You already fuck him." Oh, that was cold. And going too far.

"Marc," I said, starting to lose my patience, "I've been going out with him for two years. I think I have the right to do what I want with him if I want. Besides, you can't speak. You screwed Kathy, the senior slut when you were still in middle school."

"That was a mistake." He said dismissively.

"Bull. You're still screwing every pretty girl that comes your way." I spat. "At least I'm faithful."

"And you think Seth is?"

"Marc, I will cut off his balls if I ever find out he cheated. He knows that, and I think he's too fond of those things to lose them because he got horny." I was lucky Dad drifted back because he would kill me if he heard this conversation.

"Violence won't solve everything, Jo."

"It works for most things." I countered.

"Hey," Dad yelled as he caught up. "Stop. There's no need for fighting."

I glared into Marc's face. "He started it."

"I didn't know you were still in elementary school, Jo." Dad said.

I rolled my eyes and began to walk again. I began to sense a vampire, much stronger than before. I stopped and looked around. There was nothing.

"Dad?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetheart."

"It's him." I said. Then I repeated it louder, "It's him." I took a small pouch of pins form my back pockets. I emptied it onto my palm. "Go." They flew from hand and into the woods. After several seconds, I commanded them all back. All but one returned. "He's alone." I said. "Return." I demanded. All of them returned this time. "It's him." I said again.

"The one from the school?" Marc asked.

"Yeah," It came out as a whisper.

"Aw, how touching." His voice spoke from everywhere and nowhere. "The whole family slaying together. " He chuckled.

I reached for my knife. It was simply for comfort. I didn't have a chance of being able to hit him.

"I see you." I heard Mother said in a sing-song voice. "You can't hide from me."

I couldn't see her, but I focused on the source of her voice. From what I could tell, she was to my right. "Mother…"

"Not now, Jo." She said." Stay still, deadhead."

The vampire laughed. "I'm not going to kill you now." He said. I trembled despite the fact that he was using lines from B-status vamp movies.

His voice grew teasing. "Where's your bazooka, little one?"

I growled. There was a loud crack as a tree's roots began to move. "One of you get him."

"What is he talking about, Jo?" Dad asked. His eyes were watching the trees. He had a 9mm in a two-handed grip.

"Jo?" The vampire asked. "Is that your name? I don't like it. Did your mother want another boy?"

Dad let a shot off into the trees, making no sound as it went.

The vampire laughed. "Missed me."

Aggravated, Marc shot into the dark, too. They were blind shots, though, and hit nothing.

There was a slicing sound, then a thump, but in the wrong direction. Without hesitating I shot a needle that way, followed by my knife.

"Roots?" The vampire asked. He cut himself short with a curse. "Almost hit me with that-"

A wet snip cut him off.

He laughed. "Well done." Pause. "Oh, hello, Mother Dearest. Your daughter is actually quite formidable. Though the pins she threw weren't too threatening."

A grunt ensued, followed by laughter. "You have to be quicker than that." But it came from another direction. "Goodnight all. I have had enough fun for tonight."

Mother walked out of the darkness looking seriously cheesed off. "Shit. Shit, Bruce."

"He's nothing like Blane." My father said.

"This one's a hell of a lot stronger." Marc added. After a moment he turned to me, his eyes questioning like he was puzzled by something. "Bazooka?"

I rolled my eyes. "At the school I told him that if he didn't leave then next time I saw him I was going to bring a bazooka loaded with holy water bombs so I wouldn't miss."

Marc smiled. "Bazookas don't shoot bombs."

"Whatever," I muttered, stomping away. "It sounded good then."


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