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Four Students and a Zombie

Novel By: peacemaker06

a classroom at a high school gets a visit from a Zombie that is hell bent on ruining there day... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 8, 2013    Reads: 56    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Let me set the scene and create the mood for this grizzly and most unfortunate tale. It's a hot summer's day in a small town somewhere in the southern hemisphere as we delve into the private worlds of four curious individuals who along with the rest of their classmates are chomping at the bit to escape the doldrums of school and free their spirits for the summer break that lies waiting ahead, only hours away. Their carefree dreams of beach parties and drunken antics are about to be stomped out by a horrific chain of events that may see their "Sex on the Beach" turn into a "Bloody Mary"...

First and definitely least we probe the mind of Billy "the butcher" Marsden, so nicknamed because of his incessant need to brag about his part in his father's home kill business.

"Fuck Dude! You should see the look on that dumb cow's mug just before I pop it in the head, mooing and shit, fuck I hate animals!!(Which is ironic because he's worse than one) The best part is stringing it up and gutting it like a pig. Oh yeah I do pigs too. Wheeeeeelll , ah music to my ears."

As you can well tell, he is as stupid as a mule and has a temper on him like a rattlesnake poked with a stick. His reign of terror over the holiday break consists of shooting opossums out of trees like he's at a carnival side show with a pocket full of coins and too lure in naive young girls with his Neanderthal behavior and tight body. He notches them up on his belt with the bowie knife his dad brought him for his tenth birthday, simple challenges for a small mind.

Then there's Winston "time lord" Agnew, or as some of the more heartless like to call him "Pus-face" on account of his acne problem which resembles a mountainous terrain of volcanoes oozing lava and ready to explode. He has an IQ of one hundred and forty and the southern hemisphere's number one fan of "Doctor Who". This summer he intends to prove his thesis on Time travel in his backyard where he's constructed a replica of the "Tardis" which is still in the shape of a nineteen sixties London police box as he is still working on the "Chameleon Circuit". Once he's cracked that small problem he intends to start work on the time travelling device itself, cloaking the "Tardis" as a Garden shed so he can work in secrecy. He also longs to have a female assistant to traverse through time and space with but realistically the only thing he will be building a relationship with is the new laptop he's been promised for Christmas. He's a mad scientist in the making.

Every-boy knows Monique Goodhead, no nickname required. She has the IQ of a sheep and thinks "Guarana" is a shopping Mecca in Mexico and that being called ditzy is a compliment. Her disappointed parents who are both practicing professionals spare little time for her and appease their guilt by showering her with cash and assets. The latest being a VW Beetle, in hot pink of course. So her summer and pretty much all of her existence so far consists of mall shopping, partying, finding love in all the wrong places and more shopping.

And Last but not least is our hero Jermaine, whose thoughts aren't as pure as your traditional hero. He isn't thinking at all about the summer break because his thoughts are honed into the menace who sits two seats forward and two rows to the left of him. This particular boy makes his life a living hell and only two nights ago turfed a brick through his bedroom window in the wee small hours. His entire family awoke to a raucous bunch of raving lunatics wearing white sheets and hoods that were laughable. They were yelling obscenities from their front lawn, while burning an effigy of a man hanging from a tree.

"Get the fuck outta town black boy, or this'll be you… the lynch mob's comin' nigger!"

Then a smile brightens his surly expression as he remembers what happened next. His father burst through their front door brandishing a 12 gauge shotgun and let loose both barrels into the night sky.

"Go home to your mama's white boys!"

It was every man for him-self as the cowardly bunch tripped over each other while exiting the crime scene and escaping an arse full of buckshot. One of them tripped over the effigy catching his sheet on fire. Not a single Aryan brother helped him out as he ran down the road screaming with his arse on fire. This image has him wanting to explode into fits of laughter but he consciously holds back the feeling not wanting to explain his sudden outburst to the rest of the class.

His light mood turns dark once again as he watches the ring leader of the yellow bellied group casually place his feet on his desk, like it was his god given right to do so. Our Hero fantasizes sneaking up behind him and jerking back his forehead with one hand while ramming a double edged blade into the back of his neck with the other. This puts a smile of a different kind on his face. At this point in time we exit the minds of our four interesting individuals and enter into the classroom…


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