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Hell is a Place Called Home

Novel By: Penelope Garenther

Looks are deceiving, my dear. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2011    Reads: 57    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

He whispered in my ear "fear me dear, for I am Death, I'll take your hope, your dreams, your love, till there's nothing left." I shivered. He was right, he was always right. I was stuck here with him until the rest of my days run out and they never will. He's made me into something that I wished I would never have become, but I can't undo what he has done. I looked up to him and let him see the tears that were rolling down my face and hoped he would feel pity and stop, but it only encouraged him. "No one can see your tears, they can't even hear your cries. You and I will be here together and one day you will learn to love me. We have all of eternity, after all." His wicked grin was all that I could see as he sank back into the shadows of my cell.
I looked around me. The walls were made of large cold slabs of stone and the candles that flickered against their surface were of horrific scenes. I had to get used to it though. For minutes I watched it until the pit of fear balling up in my stomach threatened to come spewing out of my mouth. Running to the corner of the room I threw up blood and stomach acid. I kept feeling the urge of vomit floating up my esophagus and out my mouth for the next hour and soon I was worried that I was going to die from loss of blood.
"Ha, you won't die from loss of blood." He grinned at me, "you're already dead." I looked at him, dead on in the face. Something that I refused to do after he had brought me here months ago, but now the anger raging inside of me wouldn't diminish. My hands were clenching and letting go, clenching and letting go as if I was making a decision with each clench. My hands clenched one more time, my mind was made up. I whipped around with my fist out and a yell forming in my throat, but he dodged the hit gracefully. He was quicker than I was and before I could throw another punch he pinned me to the wall. We were touching, but I found more warmth from the cold wall than from his body. One hand was pressed against the wall close to my head and the other was around my neck. "You will not try and do that again." His voice was ice cold and venom dripped from them as he spoke into my ear.
"Like hell I won't try again." I spewed spit on his face and wiped his smug smile off, but in place of the devilish grin was rage. His eyes narrowed, his lips turned into a straight line, and his face darkened.
"You greedy bitch." I gasped. His hand went from the wall and landed at my gut in a firm fist. His fingers were tightening around my neck and the air was escaping once again. Another hit in the stomach and I could no longer breathe with the help of his hand around my neck. I panicked, but made nothing more than a slight whimper. I looked at him and wished I were human so I could die, but unfortunately he wanted me to live because as soon as I felt darkness taking over my fragile mind, he crushed his lips onto my own. Taken by surprised I leaned back, but noticed there was a wall blocking my way of escape. Breathing in through my nose I waited for him to finish. He pulled away for a slight second only to say "kiss me back" and I couldn't help but laugh ending the one way make-out. He stared at me with that horrific smile of his and leaned back in. His hands removed themselves away from my neck to trail up my arms and down my hands. I refused to kiss him back and kept my lips tightly pressed together. My defiant act didn't last long when I felt something piercing my arms. Instead of crying out, I moved my lips against his and kept the sudden need to throw up again at bay. It felt like hours had passed when he finally pulled away. He was smiling, but I didn't care. I felt him leaning back in and stopped my hands from pushing him away from me. He kissed the flesh underneath my earlobe and whispered "thank you." And with that he walked out with what he wanted and with my dignity. Falling down to the ground, I sobbed. Letting my tears flow freely and listened to my cries as they echoed all around me.


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