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The Ones Who Deserve Nothing

Novel By: peoplehateme101

Godsenders. People who are worshiped by their own kind. We have let them come to power and now it must stop. Family member will not be turned against family member anymore. It's time for them to die. View table of contents...


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Connie walked out of the store smirking.

'Hmm, fools.' She thought as she walked in the direction of her flat. The city was nice this time of night, Connie supposed, but the city never had many nights like this. It was quite sad, really.

"I should really call Nora and ask for a ride," Connie mused, but didn't, of course, actually call.

Walking past the famed 'The People Of Godsend' building, she grew disgusted.

'People Of Godsend,' she thought, 'The only thing Godlike about them is their arrogance.'

The People Of Godsend had been misleading people for years. People thought they were amazing, that they were the people who were going to make their life better. How wrong they were. They committed horrible crimes in the name of their so-called 'God'. Killing, murdering, and stealing with their so called justices. They had turned family member against family member, all in petty fights that usually ending in the death of one or another.

Unfortunately, most believed them. Well, except Connie and a few others. The others believed that the Godsenders were corrupt.

Connie walked into the apartment building in the North district, silently humming to herself.

She sauntered right up to the receptionist and stood there expectantly.

"H-hello a-again C-connie, H-how a-are y-you?" The nervous girl asked, as she had been on the end of Connie's unwelcoming bad side before.

Connie responded with a single word, as she held her hand out, "Key?"

"Right a-away m-miss!" The girl, Lily, said as she rushed to the back where they kept the keys.

Connie was annoyed, only slightly so, as she stood waiting. God how she hated waiting. It was her biggest pet peeve.

Lily scampered back with the key in her hand. She held it out to Connie.

"Do not ever make me wait to get my key ever again." Connie said threateningly.

"Y-yes M-miss, O-of c-course!"

Connie Walked over to the elevator, pressed the up button, waited, and when it opened she went inside.

'Godsenders' she thought sneering, 'I can't wait 'til the floor is bathed in their blood!'

And with that, she went up and retired to her room.


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