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I'm Lost and Not Found

Novel By: poemfever

Tags: Drunk, Therapy, Help, Find, Me

I'm lost. But I've never been found. View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 21, 2010    Reads: 45    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter One - Find Me

I stood there in silence. Waiting for someone to rescue me. I was trapped in a lonely cell where an evil spirit had captured me. My parents are worried. I see them outside through my very tiny, but clear, window. I tried banging on the window where they could see me. But it didn't work.

"I'm stuck here forever," I mumbled. I slid down the wall with my back to it. I now sat in silence.

"Samantha," I heard. Was this a voice? Was someone finally here? "Samantha, wake up"

Was all of this just a dream? A nightmare? I opened my eyes. "Mother," I said grabbing onto my mom's shoulder.

"Yes, Samantha? Did you sneak anything in last night? You sure can't get up. I've been trying to wake you up for almost 45 minutes." Mother said curiously. Had I been dreaming? Was the cell and the spirit even real?

"No. I didn't sneak anything in. I'm sorry. I was having a horrible dream." I said pushing the covers off and standing up shaking my head. "Everything seemed so... so... vivid."

"Its alright now, Darling. Now come down for breakfast. Everyone is waiting." Mother said leading me out my bedroom door. Maybe everything I had just saw was just a dream.

"Well look who decided to wake up and show up dowstairs like normal people on school mornings." Jordan, my brother, said setting down the biscuits. "Look mom, I set the table!"

"Oh shut up Jordan." I said. I sat in my chair. My little sister, Emily plopped right down in the chair beside me.

"Hi sissy!" Emily yelled. She waved and smiled at me with that mouth missing two front teeth. It was hard not to just stare into her mouth without giggling.

"Hi Emmy! And how are you this morning?" I asked tickling her belly.

"Good. Bye!" Emmy said walking over to Jordan and sitting by him. "I like sitting by my bubba."

I rolled my eyes. "Sweetie, was something bothering you? Usually you're the first one down here." Dad said sitting in his chair at the end of the table.

"Um yeah. Just been having bad dreams lately. I can't sleep." I said pouring some gravy on my biscuit.

Dad reached for the eggs. "Well, if your having trouble with bad dreams, go to therapy."


"Hey, hey, hey! No shouting!" Mom said hitting me on the arm (Softly though).

"Ok, sorry. But still, we all know what happened last time I went to Dr. Peters that one therapist." I said taking a bite of bacon.

"Honey, you were just out of jail for using drugs. You were..... drunk then. Now that you're sober, you can go back." Dad said getting 2 pieces of bacon and putting them on his plate.

"Well, I know that. But -" Dad inturrupted.

"Your going to therapy thats that. Period." Dad said very firmly.


The conversation was over.


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