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Psychotically Gay (Rose Family Secrets Book: 2)

Novel By: PsychoticThrillers

~~~Welcome to the second installment of the Rose Family series. I have fixed the problem with this story. Chapters have been edited with more details and more of Dylan's own actual personality that would seem fitting with his character.~~~

Life follows the journey of 16 year old Dylan on his quest to love. He has found the perfect man in his life. Justin, the British boy down the street. The two have known each other for a long while, ever since Justin moved to America as a young child. Dylan plans for them to get married and live in a nice house out of the country and have a family together. They're already perfect together, these plans are just another step on their path. The only problem is, Justin is unaware of all of it. Justin does not know he is Dylan's boyfriend or that they will live together out of the country and have a family. Justin is straight and seems to have no intention of changing sexuality. With the number of people showing their sexual interest in Justin, the jealousy in Dylan grows dangerously bigger. Dylan can't understand why everyone won't back off and leave his sexy nerd alone. Dylan can't stand how many people go after Justin and he must get rid of them. Even if it means he follows after his mother's psychotic footsteps. Dylan and Justin will be together, forever.

~~~Warning. Sexual content, male on male, fantasies and mentions, constant obsessed perverted thoughts~~~ View table of contents...


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Unless you comment on every chapter I am unaware if you are still interested in reading this novel. If you don't comment on the latest chapter or the one before it I will not send an update thinking you are no longer interested in this novel. Your commentary throughout the story is very appreciated by myself and others who read my novels. It is because of you guys that I continue to get inspired and write.

~~~Warning, Chapters have been edited to be as long as 3 1/2 to 4 pages long on a word document instead of the one or two pages previously. Past readers will notice subtle changes to entirely new material added in. Story and characters remain the same.~~~

I looked at myself in the mirror. My medium black punk hair was perfect but my pale and tired green eyes were really offsetting my tan skin. I was wearing a lime green T-shirt that said; Don't be mad be Gay! I was also wearing blue jeans, black arm warmers that were cut off at the finger tips and ended at my elbows, a black and white checkered bandana around my neck and had eyeliner on. I sighed with glee and grabbed my book for book club off the dresser before I walked downstairs. The sweet smell of food filled my nostrils as I walked into the kitchen and if I wasn't so disgustingly fat I would have eaten whatever my mother was cooking. My mother was standing over the oven humming the tune of "I'm a little tea pot".

"There are pancakes ready if you want some," My mother said over her shoulder to me and resumed her humming.

"Thanks mom, but I'm kind of busy." Her humming stopped and she looked back at me with her striking hazel green eyes that looked so daring. Those eyes looked at anyone in a bold way, as if challenging them.

"What are your plans for today?" My mother asked as she set a plate full of pancakes and bacon down.

"I might go hang out with Justin after our book club, besides that come home and do absolutely nothing like usual." Mom shared a sweet cute smile with me before taking a couple pancakes for herself.

"Fine, just don't get into trouble," She said with amusement. I smiled brightly at her and shrugged my shoulders.

"Mom, you know me, I don't do anything illegal. I'll see you later." I beamed at her and waved my hand fast on my chest like a retarded freak. She laughed and did the same thing until I was barely out the door. It's nice to have a mom who is fun. Before I fully exited the door, I heard her pager go off and the hurried clanking of dishes and opened cabinets. My mom works as a doctor at the hospital. Unfortunately, my mom worked a lot. She's usually only home in the morning and it's not even for that long. She's always getting called in. I never really see her anymore, especially now that she takes home calls. "Am I making dinner for one again?" I whined. She even worked during the night. It really upset me, I'm used to hanging out with mom but ever since she became a Doctor and took home calls she's never around. It was like they were taking here away from me. I wasn't mad at her; it wasn't her fault every other doctor seemed to be too lazy to do anything.

She looked at me with a tilted head and a sad smile. "I don't know Dilly-Bear. I'll call the house and leave a message on the phone for you." She came over and grabbed her car keys before touching my shoulder gently and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you I'll try to be home as quick as I can. Call the main office if you need anything." She walked to her car and drove off, beeping her horn at me as a see you later. I sighed heavily and kicked the bottom of the door frame with the sole of my shoe.

Book in hand I walked out of the house, closing and locking the door behind me. Justin's house was a brick colored house with white trim down the road and was the only one with a white picket fence around a beautiful garden of flowers and a great big Willow tree. It surprised me that the flowers were able to live with a Willow Tree, and vice versa. After all they do consume a lot of water. Everything was magical and unbelievable where Justin was concerned. I walked down to his beautiful home and hopped up his white steps that had flower prints on the side. I knocked on his door and rang the bell to make sure he heard me. It took a couple minutes but he finally answered and opened the door, allowing me to see his perfection. He smiled a bit sheepishly at me and waved for me to come in.

"Nice to see you. We didn't think you would make it," Justin said happily. I find Justin to be super hot. I mean like, God of beauty. His hair is scruffy and slightly short but not too short. He straightened his brown hair which made it look longer. I've never seen him in curls but I bet he'd look cute. His eyes were a watery ocean blue and looked so clean and clear that you just couldn't be upset in those eyes. His smile was always so slight and cute and showed his teeth very slightly, as if he was hiding the inside of his mouth. Mmm I can't wait to taste inside that beautiful cavern. Justin had to wear slightly thick black rimmed glasses so that he could see. His perfect slightly boyish face was charming and welcoming at all times. He was my sexy nerd, and what made it better was he had a British accent. He was in London for the first ten years of his life, and now he's been in America for seven years. No one else will DARE to take him away from me.

"I'd never miss our little cute book group." I smiled and walked into his house, immediately struck by the sweet smell of oak and cleaner. By my suggestion we always held the book club at his house. My excuse was it was spacious, had places to sit, was calming and we were all comfortable in his house. The real reason was, of course, because I didn't want Justin to hang out in anyone's house other than his or mine. Plus I can't stand being in houses with people I don't like.

I walked into the living room where the Diva Trio was waiting. Rachel, the leader, patted down an empty seat next to her for Justin to sit down. Instead he ignored it and followed me to sit down on the "loveseat". I couldn't help but smile victoriously at her as she flipped her hair at me. Jealous bitch.

"So, I thought that we should discuss how far we've read," Justin said and looked around the room quick with a small smile. You could say Justin was our leader. He brought the peace between everyone.

"I've read up to chapter ten," Rachel said proudly and selfishly. She is the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. If you've ever watched big brother, she is like a twin from the Rachel on there. Mentally unstable, bitchy, died red hair, ugly ass body that she just thinks is so sexy, evil eyes of darkness and despair that make children want to cry. And guess what? She is SO in love with MY sexy British nerd. Thank god he rejected her. I almost laughed when I heard this news. She was always trying to impress him and that just ticked me off. She STILL thinks she has a chance. I mean like, get over it Rachel! He rejected you two months ago! Why bother? You know what else is sad? The fact that she wears such ridiculous low V cut shirts and wears a push up bra and really short skirts. I bet she whores herself out on the corner.

"I'm up to chapter six, because that was where we were supposed to stop for the people behind," I said with a sneer at Rachel. Rachel puffed out her chest and gave an "I'm better than you smile". The other two people, John and Sarah, remained quiet as their leader tried to taunt me. They are her followers. They follow her everywhere. I don't know why they do, they must have lost a bet or she's one of the popular freaks at the public school and they follow her around so they have some sort of status. My other belief is John is obsessed with her and follows her around like a lost puppy hoping by some miraculous chance she'll say yes to him and dry him clean of his money and that Sarah is a hopeless follower who can't fend for herself and Rachel is just a bully.

"Well maybe some of us should learn to read faster and we wouldn't have that problem." Rachel said in a smartass tone.

"Justin's the only one who reads that fast. You just skim it! Don't think you're anything special honey," I said and ground my teeth together. She glared at me while Sarah started to fidget uncomfortably.

Before Rachel could say anything, Justin intervened. "Calm down guys. It doesn't matter how far anyone's read just as long as you're reading it." I pouted because my sweet and innocent Justin couldn't tell Rachel wasn't really reading the book and if I tried to tell him I'd only upset him. Rachel rolled her eyes and began to blow on her nails as if she just painted them. She thinks she's just so great and sexy. She is the ugliest bitch I have ever met. Sometimes I could just kill her! Not literally, that's insane. I just mean it metaphorically.

We continued on with the book-club meeting, discussing this and that about the characters, what we've liked so far, what we think is going to happen, normal book-club stuff. We continued like that until a loud ring came from Justin's pocket. He excused himself and went outside to answer his cell phone.

I rested my elbows on my knees and sent a hateful glare at Rachel. In turn she glared back and gave me the finger. I stopped glaring at her and looked at her ugly body in mock surprise.

"What?" She asked annoyed.

"I never noticed before, but your body.. It's so.." I trailed off. She pursed er lips in a sexy smile and sat up straight.

"Beautiful? Sexy?" She asked me. I dropped my mocked face and turned it into a smirk.

"Really fucking ugly."

"You jealous bastard."

"Stupid cunt."


"Tranny!" I yelled that and our bitch fight turned into another glaring contest. Justin came back in and apologized for the inconvenience. Something about his mother telling him not to make plans because they were going out to eat tonight. Mom and I haven't gone out in a while. We should do that the next time she has an available night.

Rachel stared at Justin for the rest of the book-club meeting and even winked at him once. Every time he looked over she was trying to be sexy by making her boobs look bigger and flashing a seductive smile. She even said that she had an itch on her boob and started to scratch herself. All the while Justin tried his best to ignore her, I could understand, she gets so annoying that at some point you just want to slap her. I could tell he wanted to do just that. Then he'd kick her out and we'd all be happy. It would serve her right. Justin is MINE.

Time flies so fast when you are upset over a delusional whore. Book club has thankfully ended and out the diva trio went. But not before Rachel, her skanky slutty ass self, stopped in the doorway and reached her hand up to Justin's cheek and stroked it sensually before taking it away.

"I'll see you later babe," she said and pursed her lips. I scowled at her and Justin sighed before ushering her out the door. He looked at me and shrugged with a little laugh.

"She's something," He said and closed the door. I stopped him by placing a hand o the door and smiled at him.

"Hang on a sec I'll be right back," I said happily. He frowned at me and crossed his arms.

"Don't cause trouble with her. She's annoying but we have to deal. She's actually a good friend and can hold a good conversation. She just has a tendency to be quite provocative." I waved a whatever at him as I walked out the door and walked towards slut princess.

"What the hell do you want?" She snarled. Like I want to talk to you.

"It must be really sad to live such a delusional life as a whore he thinks Justin wants her. Was rejection not enough?"

"Oh, you did NOT just say that. I'm going to completely forget it because I understand how confused your mind is. Justin rejected me? Maybe that's how it looked in your sad little eyes. Justin isn't ready for a relationship with anyone yet. At least, not the kind I'm asking for."

"And that proves my point. Listen, why don't you just back off? He's mine honey." That made her laugh. I fail to see what is so funny about what I said.

"Seriously? You think Justin's a gay freak like you? Please, do us all a favor and go cut your wrists in a sad and depressing corner. Why don't YOU back off? Justin is MY man. You can fantasize all you want. But Justin isn't gay. You two will never be together. Didn't you ever think that maybe he's a bit creeped out by you? Justin hates gays. He just doesn't know how to say it politely." Oh as if I'd believe that. I know damn well Justin is mine and that he is a little confused about his sexual orientation. Justin and I are meant to be. He's mine and this bitch better back the fuck up! A way too clean sports car pulled up to the side of the road and she got in it while flicking her hair at me. Ugh! I wish she would just die! She's such a fucking bitch! I turned around and walked back to Justin's house. I walked in and shut the door behind me quietly even though I wanted to shut the door with a slam and throw stuff around. But I didn't want to alarm the sexy nerd in the house or have to bring HER up.

I walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch ready to chill with Justin. We always hung out after book club. I had nothing better to do and well his family loved me so they didn't care if I ended up staying the night. Justin came in with some pop corn and sat down next to me on the couch. He offered me some as he turned on the TV and we began watching a Doctor Who marathon.


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