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The Monster Within.

By: Raquelita15

Chapter 1, Just a taste of whats to come.

My mom knew I had problems, just not this many.


I woke up; the smell of decay was in the air, for I was in a funeral home. I was supposed to be rotting like the rest of the corpses in this building, but I was still alive. Don’t ask me how, because I wouldn’t even be able to explain to you why I’m here and, alive.

That’s when everything hit me, I wasn’t really inside a funeral home at all, I was laying down on my bed, in my black tank-top, and blue denim jeans. I was hallucinating, it wasn’t really happening.

Yes, I am mentally crazy cant you tell? My mom said there was something wrong with me since the second I was conceived. She’s right. I was never the “normal” one. I was never the one with a million friends, I even have a face book account and not even my mother will accept my request…I’m not really that freaky. At least, I don’t think so.

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