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Tags: Fiction

What if you could live your life over again?What if you could undo all the wrongs and make them right?Alot of stories begin with once upon a time and those are the stories that end with happily ever after how will this end?
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Kelsey she was a shining beacon of light and she was loved by everyone.One day Kelsey and her friend Sarah were standing by there lockers waiting for the first bell to ring.Sarah I have a question?Sarah replied in a kind manner Yes? Kelsey asked what do you think of all the murders that are going on?Sarah simply grinned abit in confusion as to why she was asked that by her friend and she simply just said I dont know.When the first bell rang thetwo girls hurried off to class and were sitting in the middle row of Mr.Jhonsons math class.Kelsey didnt care for math very much nor did she care for anyone else only her best friend Sarah.Mr,Johnson told the class that he would not be attending the schools annual spring fling as a shaparone,The class didnt like that and they all started whining.Sarah looked back at Kelsey and said Kelsey you have to pay attention to the lesson,and Kelsey just snickered and continued running her fingers through her long blonde hair,she raised her hand and asked can I go to the bathroom?Sarah was a kind hearted girl and was nice to almost everyoneshe wondered what was taking Kelsey so long in the bathroom.After school the girls went outside and saw a bunch of police cars and ambulances,The police officer spoke with Mr.Johnson and he said that there was a mass murder and 5 people died.Mr.Johnson looked scared and was in disbelief that someone could do something that horrible to innocent people.Kelsey just sighed and went to her car with Sarah.When Kelsey pulled up to Sarah's house she hugged her and said good day to you and see you on the morrow.Kelsey is quiete the unusual one Sarah explained to her mom,Her mom smiled and told her daughter to be nice.Then Sarah's moms face turned into a frown.Mom what is it?Kelsey is a very spiteful girl she is cruel and she is dark.Mom dont say that Kelsey is my best friend.Dont say that to me!It was clear Sarah's mom hated Kelsey but she couldnt understand why.The next day Kelsey didn't go to school or to the spring fling dance.After school Sarah walked 3 miles to Kelsey's house.Kelsey answered the door and let Sarah come in.I brought over your homework we all missed you today Kelsey.Thats so sweet exclaimed Kelsey I missed you Sarah.Just then Sarah realized that she was the only one Kelsey ever talked too and the only one that stays by her side at all times.But why me Sarah thought to herself.But Sarah just went along with it.Kelsey sat on a chair and stroked her hair as the days went so did her hair.Sarah and everyone else couldn't undertstand why and Kelsey wanted it to stay that way.It was noones buisness of what was going on.Mom?Kelsey called out.Kelsey's mom came up the steps and helped her daughter picking out a dress for the spring fling which was in April and it was september.But Kelsey always thought ahead she even picked a dress out for Sarah too.But Sarah was to kind to say anything so she just smiled and said thank you I love the dress.Kelsey was glad that her friend liked the dress and she smiled too.Just then a loud obnoxious 13 year old came running in Tommy what do you want exclaimed Kelsey in a harsh manner.Tommy just stuck his tongue out and ran away.Sarah smiled and then stopped when she felt a cold stare coming from Kelsey's direction.Just ignore him he is a little monster.Sarah thought Tommy was nice and he isn't a monster she thought to herself.Well Im going to bed goodnight Sarah.Sarah looked at her friend goodnight Kelsey.The next morning Sarah woke up before Kelsey which was normal,because Sarah was a morning person.As Kelsey stayed asleepSarah went to the bathroom to take a shower when she finished she dryed her hair with the hairdryer.Kelsey woke up shortly after that and came into the bathroom where Sarah was and took her shower.Sarah finished drying her hair and started to brush her teeth,Soon Sarah was coughing badly and she started to lose blood even tho there wasn't a cut to begin with.This frightend Sarah she didnt like it at all.She called to Kelsey but she did not respond.When Kelsey stepped out of the shower,the bleeding that Sarah was losing stopped.Kelsey just smiled at Sarah and went to get dressed.Sarah smiled back but was unsure of what just happend and of why.


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