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Staying Alive: Zombie Diaries

Novel By: RealWriter1092

An outbreak started in the States. No one expected this would happen. Just like in Horror movies it happens. Every ones terrified they lose hope. But one must plan for situations such as these.
Our three main characters try to stay alive and live in a world infested with the undead. Just how were they able to fight through this epidemic?..." By planning of course". View table of contents...


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Staying Alive:

Zombie Diaries


Sometimes life doesn't always work out the way you want it to. Sometimes it does. But, it all depends on the person. Well at least thats what I think.

But not everyone thinks the same thing. Some may think that one little negative thing that happens in their lives just destroys everything, they become dark and distance from the world and everyone they know and love. And forget about the thought of living. In some cases there are those who can learn to cope with it. And be able to live on with the negative memory. Though this is my opinion, I cannot empathize to those people. But I do understand them a little. But, there are those who live life happily. No matter what happens they always pull through. Almost acting like nothing has happened. Like it never happened to begin with.

I am kind of in between those two types of people. I don't exactly think about life that deeply. I do care about mine and those around me. But there are times when the days get heavier and heavier, and you have no idea how to live with it. Some think I'm strange for feeling this way but...thats how I am.

You know that feeling when, one day things don't feel the same. Like the world just changed a little and you felt it. Almost like your the only one to notice it. I don't get it myself but, today of all days the feeling was stronger than usual.

School wasn't always my favorite place to be in. sitting for almost a half an hour listening to the teacher rant on about the subject your currently in. Most of the time I don't even pay attention, I usually spend the class time staring out the window and almost most of the time the teacher doesn't notice me. I'd hate to embarrass myself in the middle of a lecture. Particularly math. It isn't my strongest subject but I know enough of it to pass me on to the next grade. All I could hear was the soft ticking of the clock that hung right above the door inside the classroom. It was rather small for such a large classroom. You could barely notice it up there besides its ticking. I peered out of the glass window into the barely lit hallway. There was no one walking about, except for those people that monitor them.

I turned my head to the side and directed my gaze towards Elise. My best friend you could say. Shes not at all like me. Shes the type of person that would actually pay attention in class. No matter how many times I'd try to distract her, it would only piss her off. Which would result to either being ignored or slapped. In any case I'd much rather not liked to be slapped.

As class went on like normal, my hands began to shake. The feeling had grown stronger. My head began to throb, I had chills running down my spine. That one feeling you get when something bad is about to happen. Though I wish it would never result into something like that.

But, once that intercom came on, my instincts kicked in. The throbbing in my head had faded, the chills vanished, the constant trembling of my hands subsided. I was ready for whatever was about to happen.

The room silenced, but in that stillness the blatant ticking of the clock filled the room. I was ready, But was everyone else?


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