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Truntels Followers

Novel By: rockytree

You don't think clowns are scary do you?
Neither did Ronny and his friends.
Take this chilling adventure with Ronny and his friends as their vacation trip away from college goes terribly wrong when they get lost and end up at a split personality mans house that lives near a closed theme park.
Warning:This book,and any other book in this series will might be offensive to diffrent religions,I do not meen what is said in the dialog of this book as something I would say it is just for the story,any racist remarks or remarks about religion are not my own beliefs just part of the book.The content in this book may also cause violent or morbid acts or thoughts of the reader,so suggested if you have a mental disability or have been in a asylum and/or a jail recently please avoid reading this story without promission and do not try any content in this or any other book in this series. View table of contents...



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I woke up excited for the trip me and my friends have planned today,jumping up out of bed and knocking the lamp off the desk next to me sending it flying to the ground where it broke into pieces with a loud shattering sound waking up my room mate.

"What the hell was that!?!"Jake said jumping half out of his skin."I just knocked the lamp off the desk calm down we can always get a new one when we get to the beach."I said trying to keep him from getting to mad at me.Jake was a little taller then me and three months older then me with short blonde hair,hes sorta a jock and I'm not anywhere near being one.I'm 5'11with shoulder length black hair and skinny as a twig almost.

I go to the bathroom and I change out of my pj's into dark blue jeans with a short sleeve black t-shirt."Hurry up Jake we still need to go pick up Jane,Trinidy,and Chris soon or we won't be able to catch the plane."Ok,ok calm down."He said with a tone that sounded like he was highly annoyed by me rushing him.I packed clothes,a few comic books,some snack foods,a flashlight,light,and ten water bottles,two for each of us.

By the time I was done packing Jake had finnally finished changing his clothes wearing a white tank top and army green jeans.He always wore the tank top around Jane trying to impress her but she never seemed to notice him."Race you to the car loser has to drive."I ran out the door of our dorm and down the stairs and to the parking lot with Jake far behind as he stood yelling at me confused until he relized he was challenged to a race and had lost."Fine I'll drive lets go pick up Jane and Trinidy.""Yeah so you can flirt with her while she ignores you like you're not even there."I said laughing until I felt his fist hit my arm hard."Shut the hell up man."Rubbing my arm trying to pretend it didn't hurt I wasn't going to take another chance making fun of him at the moment.

We pulled out of our drive way in Jakes car and down to the other wing of the university to Jane and Trinidy's dorm room and got out of the car and going up to their door as Jake knocks on it and Jane opens the door."Wow,arn't you looking nice today Ronny!" as she walked past Jake and gave me a hug.Yeah I forgot to mention,Jane had a huge chrush on me which angered Jake more then anything every!"So do you."I said as she released me from the hug that left me out of breath.She was wearing a blue jean skirt with a green tank top and with her nice flowing long blonde hair.Trinidy walked out the door brushing the long straight black hair from out in front of her eyes with a smile as she said "Shesh Jane let Ronny breath."Which made Jane blush.Trinidy was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Jake walked up close to Jane and asked her if she would like to sit with him in the front seat but she denied him and said she wanted to sit next to me.I could tell Jake was pissed and annoyed at how I could get the girl that he needed so badly when he walked to the car and pull open the door and slammed it."Come on we still need to pick up Chris."Trinidy gave me her bag that she packed soon followed by Jane's as I cared both bags to the car and put them in the trunk along with me and Jakes.Trinidy got in the front seat next to Jake as I got in the car and sat in the middle seat in the back next to Jane,she refused to sit in the middle because she didn't like getting to close Chris because he freaked her out.

Chris didn't live in the university,he lived down the road in a small house he got with the the money he made when he won a contest for best local singer with the rap song he wrote,he was a local one hit wonder but his ego was way out of hand.We drove down the road two blocks and pulled up in his drive way he was out sitting on the porch waiting for us wearing a black hat skinny jeans and a black jacket.

He ran up to the car and opened the door and jumped in almost knocking me into Jane but I cauht my self on the back of Jakes seat. "Chris what the fuck are you doing man,you almost made me chrush Jane."I yelled at him."I was just getting in the car,she don't mind you on top of her anyway!"He said in a chill voice.Jane blushed but she still reached across me and slapped Christ across a face leaving a hand print. "Chris be nice."Trinidy said from the front seat.Chris didn't have a crush on Trinidy but he sure as hell listened to her more then anyone else in the car right now.

"Jake what time does the plane take off again?"I asked him."Eleven o' clock,what time is it now"He replied.I took a quick glance down at my watch"Oh its about ten....oh shit!"Its Ten-Fifty we only have ten more minutes to get to the airport!"Jake stepped on it,the airport was ten blocks away we kept on yelling at him to stop before we get pulled over but he just kept on going.We got to the airport and ran in to check in as we heard a plane take off."Damit Jake you got us here late"Chris told Jake but then Chris got a stern expresion of Trinidy."I'm just kidding Jake." Chris said as he calmed down.

"Great,now we have to drive,we need to go get some extra money from the house to pay for extra food."Jake said going back to the parking lot of the airport and getting in the car with the rest of us following and returning to the spots we was originally sitting in.

Twenty minutes later we was sitting back at me and Jakes dorm,we decided since we wasn't tryign to catch the plane we would relax for awhile.Chris took off his hat to reveal his blonde hair which was a little shorter then mine and threw it on the couch then got a bear out of the fridge and sat down in a chair we had gotten for him since he comes here alot and Jake hates when Chris sits in his chair.He propped his feet up on the table with beer and hand.Trinidy was back with Jake playing on the pinball machine we got at a garage sale.While Jane got up real close up to me and layed her head on my shoulder."Hey,Ronny why don't you turn on the TV,turn it to the news channel and check the weather?"

I got the remote from the table and turned on the TV and changing the channel to the news and turning it up.There was a lady standing in front of a burnt down house (I guess that was what it was the remains was so little it was hard to tell)."The neighbors of this house called in a fire of the house that I am standing in front of,the family that lived in this house was in the house when the fire started but they was never seen leaving according to the people who saw the house burn down.After the fire no bodies was found or even humens remains at all,a man by the name of Truntel Rinald was the closest to the house when this fire started,claiming he was working his ice cream truck for the local kids when he started to hear crackling but paniced and tried to find a way to save them.The locals around the town say that he was seen carrying a bag into the house and bringing it back out and gave the fire men who had showed up,alittle to late to save the family,what he thought may have cause the fire.He said he took everything on the will of the older male of this house saying he knew him and he would give out what the man was passing down puting the bag down in the back of the ice cream truck crying about what happened,that is all we have to say about this story for now.So back over to John with the weather,and I wish the best for those of you who knew the poor family in this house."

The news channel then showed its logo for about five seconds before it went to the weather channel.The forcest appered on the screen saying there was a eighty percent chance of storm and that it was likly to be foggy for the next two days."I guess we better go get Trinidy and Jake so we can atleast try to get to the concert in time."She said hugging my shoulder alittle freaked out about the fire she had just heard about on the news."I'll go get them."Chris said as he finished off his beer and threw it away on the way back to me and Jakes room and opened the door and Jake and Trinidy was making out (Guess he got over Jane pretty fast) both of them sprang up really fast."Uh,have you ever heard of knocking!?!?"Jake yelled at Chris while Chris just replied with a sly smile as he came back over to get his hat.

"Do we have enough money,or do we have to get you a job as a male prositute?"I asked Jake half joking about him being caught making out with Trinidy."Haha very funny,I've got two-thousand dollars to supply us on gas,food,water,and other supplies for five days,I hope its enough to get us there."Jake said with a tad bit of embarresment in his tone.

"I guess its time we get going then?"I asked Jake."Yeah,we better get going."He said.I got the remote and turned off the TV as I put on a jacket that I forgot the first time.Jake walked out the door got in the car and turned it on as we all got ready for a road trip.


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