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Diary of Luna Child

Novel By: Rose Kuran

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May 23,1750

Dear diary I am going to wright about my beginning or so what I have heard. I was born on a cloudy day of December, when the snow was falling hard a pond my home. I was born on a full moon and was blessed as a child of the moon. My mother died having me and my father became more than lonely. I was 6 months when he die no one will tell me why. But deep somewhere in my heart I can find them a sing voice of a lovely woman and and caring hand of my father. My birthday is December 26, 1732. I'm 18 years old and I have bought this in a time of importance. My guardian Rosalina Fantolie believes I should record life and its meanings so latter I may look back and feel safe. But as I wright down these words I have no happy events that have acquired.I live in north England in a 6 store mansion build with marble and stone. My parents were wealthy or so heard but it seem my guardian was even weather. Rosalina is 21 years old. She works making clothes and has millions of factories. She was moved from the palace at a young age and was always forced to wear the best of clothes, she dose not force me to wear or speak anyway I do not want to, she simply lets me be me. This black leather note book will hold as much as I wright but as I said earlier there is not much to tell. Rosalina is one of the richest women of the land she is the granddaughter of the queen of england.I am in no way related to her but I heard that when my mother was young she worked as a young maid for Rosalina and they played more than anything and as they grew their bond grew stronger.My mother had one thing to tell Rosalina before she left with my father to the south of England was that if she had a child and her and my father died that she wished for Rosalina to watch her baby. Rosalina kept her word, I have lived with her sense I turned 6 months old and I call her my sister because shes only 2 years older than me. Well I guess I should wright what she looks like scene tomorrow we are going to the queen of England and I don't know if I'll see her soon.Rosalina is a little taller than 5,5 she had strait blond hair and crystal blue eyes. She's a women and is elegant with each step, she sometimes wears those super expensive dresses and she looks beautiful in them. Her favorite color is the midnight purple painted along the sky's at sun rise. She doesn't wear any makeup and rarely needs perfume.She brushes my hair and sing "when the sky become blue, and the moon runs to hide. The tears that you shed will dry because the morning rays of the sun will bring happiness to all but one. However the world is full of joy find it and peace and know you are beyond loved you are a diamond in a dust. An I will always see you shining like the stars above. You are not the one who's shores are shallow but the mountains covered by trees and animals a place of peace and happiness you have inside of you." that was song she'd sing for me when my day had been ruff or sad. She always had tricks to make me smile. I don't recall ever seeing her frown at me. Rosalina doesn't want to go to the castle for some reason but the queen has demanded our presents. So Rosalina and I have packed and this may be the last time I see these marble walls of our home..if so I have scratched my name just above my doorway. Let me pray that I will soon again see this room and the house it sits in.


May 24, 1750

We lifted our heads this morning at sunrise. We have shifted from dirt, to gravel to ruff rocks. I doubt this carriage or its horses can take much more of this. I barley can stand this quiet surrounding. However Rosalina does point out thing in the small cracks of what they call a window. We past plantation after plantation. I always felt pity for those not white me including. I was a dark tan and even that got me in trouble sometimes. Rosalina always inquires what I wright so I have taken the time to wright what I feel and see. The wood bent rickety carriage smells like the finest vanilla but these soft feather and silk seats give me no comfort. The shaky window lets my eyes wonder on dirt, gravel and shrubs. Many marble mansions I have past and watched as they when further and further behind us. Stone after stone, I feel like I'm being way'd down buy an invisible force. Please help me who ever is up above in those blue sky's I have yet to see. Give me hope and strength for what ever hell is to come.


May 25, 1750

We entered the castle this morning I was sent strait to my room and Rosalina was sent strait to the queens chamber. I feel that I am being watched. Its pain full here it seems that only horror rest in this place.Though I doubt I am not being watched after all I am in the queens castle. Ever inch of this place is polished, it is almost that they want nothing to be seen what is it that the queen hides in these walls. Its something to ponder about for the time I am here. Who knows how long ill be stuck here in this giant monster of a house. Well I might as well describe my room. It looks like Rosalina's room when she was a child, there are shelfs with percolate dolls. The bed is a very large goose feather bed with silk covers. The pillows are fluffy and deluxe. The room is a range of blues and pinks. Theres are 2 giant windows that are bluer than anything I haver seen. Out side of those windows is a garden of flowers and bushes behind that and all around the castle is a forest of dark tall trees. Its a pretty sight one that I will remember forever.


May 26, 1750

I have not seen or heard Rosalina in a day and I am beginning to worry. I have walked almost every inch of my room and I found that Rosalina also felt locked up. Books after books years after years she wasn't happy here she thought of this place as a dungeon for herself. Yes I readied her diaries but it proves that the queen who is almost 90 now is hiding something. Last night sleeping in those sheets I had a strange dream, I was running through the garden outside my window nearing the forest and this brown head boy stood there below the trees staring when I got closer it wasn't a boy but a wolf. My idea of this castle is turning darker. What ever is inside and out of these walls is beyond the means of thinkable. Something is terribly wrong and that I can feel with every vibe in my body. Rosalina I need to know shes okay to know shes breathing and that shes alive but I haven't left this room scene I entered it. Rosalina how have you lived like this how.


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