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Fear The Living

By: Saba729

Chapter 1, This is the Story of a Zombie Apocalypse break out. This was inspired by The Walking Dead game, comic, and show. Flicka Anderson, a 22 year old girl. Is in the whole mess of the infected country. She goes through many places, with her horse Justin to find other survivers and supplies while she travels. Her two brothers, Troy and Lenny are in the search of a safe place to then will call her on a walkie talkie they have with them.

"BREAKING NEWS: LOCAL REPORTS ISSUE SAYING A KILLER VIRUS SPREADING OVER THE UNITED STATES. REPORTERS SAYING ONCE YOUR BITTEN BY A INFECTED, YOU'LL COME BACK AS ONE OF THEM. PRESIDENT GRANT ISSUES AEVACUATION TO LARGER CITIES FOR PRO-" The cable cuts off.Flicka puts down the remote, then looks out the window. "Better go tell Ma' and Pa'." she thought, walking to the door. She then stopped hearing a scream sounding like it came from outside "Ma'!?"Flicka cried out then running to the door, opening it. tears ran down her cheeks, seeing her parents being eaten alive by two infected,. "Ma'....Pa'..." she said softly crying. The two infected look up, groaning they got up limping towards her.

She started backing up as they edge closer and closer to her. Just then, one of her older brothers, Lenny, who was the oldest, shot both of the infected. Troy, the second oldest, ran up behind Flicka looking at her then at Lenny, he was in the basement, molding horseshoes and bits. "What happened to them!?" Troy cried out. "They got bitten by the infected" Flicka said crying into Troy's chest. "Look, we're not safe her.... We need to get thehelloutta here before we end up in the same place Ma' and Pa' ended up." Lenny said with a serious but sympathetic tone in his voice.Flickalooked up at her older brother with a sorrow look in her eyes "But... how?..." she asked. Lenny looked up at her younger sister who stood on the front porch in Troy's arms. "Troy and I will search for a safe place to stay...Flicka, you'll take Justin and go find some food, weapons,meds, anything you can find, even other survivors..." Troy looked at Lenny with a disappointed look in his eyes. "Your telling her to risk her life for supplies?!"

"That's the only way we're gonna survive Troy!"
"Lenny, she is twenty-two years old, we're like twenty-nine and thirty-six! She won't survive on her own with just a horse, a small saddle bag, and a cross bow!"

"Troy, I swear to got I will-"

"OK! That's enough guys... Troy, I'll be fine... I'm not six years old anymore... I'll be fine..." she said to the both of them but mostly aiming at Troy. Troy looked at her then at Lenny, his eyes glanced back at his sister, he sighed then hugged her, tightly. "OK, scout... I hope you know what in the hell you are doing..." he said. Flicka nodded, and with that they started getting ready.Flicka had gotten Sexyback, or what they called him, Justin, saddled up. She had packed enough food, water, batteries, a tent, and enough string and arrows for her cross bow. She mounted Justin and checked on her brothers, making sure they had enough gasoline for the truck,enough food and water, and plenty of ammunition for their rifles and guns.

They hugged each other bye and before Flicka started riding off, Lenny handed her awalkietalkie and enough batteries for it. "We will call you when we find a place to stay, if you find anyone else, call us and tell us." Lenny said looking up at his sister. She nods, "Alright Lenny. Please be safe you guys." she said and with that, sherode off on Justin and away from the old farm house. Troy and Lenny started up the truck and left as well. Once they all left the farm house, the infected had swarmed the place eating what was left ofFlicka'sand the animals that were left. Luckily, Justin was the only horse their on the farm land.Flickalooked back seeing the remains of her parents be torn apart and eaten by the infected. She had tears run down her cheeks. She hoped somehow things would turn back to normal.

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