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The Vampyre and Srei Ahp

Novel By: Sammy Wang Yang

Tags: Krasue, Arp, Ap, Ahp, Vampire

A Krasue or Ahp is a malevolent spirit of a woman, usually young and beautiful, with her internal organs hanging down from the neck, trailing below the head.

Since it has no lower body this spirit hovers in the air above the ground. The organs below the head include a length of intestine and are usually represented freshly daubed with blood. Her teeth often include pointed fangs in vampire-fashion.

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Chapter 1

Cambodia: Krasu Village

An elder woman supported a young girl as they walk out of the clinic. The girl's head hung low, and she suppressed her sobs through grunts of pain as each step she took bought sharp pain throughout her body. She held tightly to her dress, gripping and balling up the helm as each jolt of pain worsen. She could still feel the warm trail of blood dripping down her wobbly legs.

The elder woman gave a deep sigh and held onto the young girl, tightly and firmly. Her voice was low and regretful.

"Today, we have committed a terrible sin," she said with deep sadness.

The girl whimpered in reply.

Two Years Later

"PUSH! C'mon, baby you can do it! It's coming, I can see the head!"

The soon to be mother was drenched in her own sweat. Her legs spread apart like a stuff turkey, although she was trying to reject the stuffing inside of her. Between her legs was Lady Mao, the mid-wife of the village.

"Stay with me! You're doing fine," Lady Mao assured her.

The young mother could feel herself weakening, and light headed. "I can't..."

"Give me one more push, now!" Lady Mao barked.

The young mother grunted, and pushed with all her might. She let out a final scream, that was soon accompanied by a screech from the baby as it plop out from her. Dong and Eng, Lady Mao's assistant quickly grabbed the baby and worked their magic to clean off the blood.

"You did good, girl!" Lady Mao said with a twinkle in her eye.

The young mother sighed with exhaustion. Lady Mao made quick work of cleaning up the after-birth mess. She gathered the placenta and quickly wrapped it in a bag. Her two assistant presented the young mother her baby, as they cooed together.

The door to the small hut opened, and the Father entered with worried expression. But his eyes lit up as he saw his new son, and his exhausted wife cradling their boy. He came to her side. And thanked Lady Mao.

"Oh dear,I still have three more of these deliveries to make within this week," Lady Mao explained, "I'm just glad your son is the first of them."

Lady Mao handed the bag of the after-birth to her two assistants. "Now boys, you MUST dispose of the after-birth far deep in the woods. I'll finish cleaning up here, and meet you boys back at the house."

Dong and Eng grudgingly agreed.


"Why do we have to dispose of this in the woods?" Eng asked, holding the bag of the after-birth far away from his nose.

"Well, I guess to keep the wild animals away from the house," Dong answered, unsurely. "The scent of a woman giving birth can attracts wild...things. Best to lure them away from the house, I guess."

They ventured further into the woods. The shadows grew dark and the woods became eerie. Eng grew afraid.

"Dong, I am afraid," his voice shook, along with held bloody bag he was holding. His wide eyes scan the area.

Suddenly in the shadows, a faint glow appeared dimly from the distance.

Eng grabbed at Dong. "What is that?"

Dong peered forward, clutching at the shovel tightly. "Eh?" He was unsure.

"Ghost..." Eng whispered quietly, and visibly shaken. The bag dropped from his hand and landed upon the ground with a sloppy thud. The contents shuffled, and blood oozed from the opening.

The glowing object hovers closer, and the shadows lifted to reveal a beautiful woman's face. She stared at them blankly. Eng and Dong was still frozen on the spot, unsure if the specter was real. She approached closer...and from the shadow her entrails trailed behind, connected to her beautiful head. The glow was coming from her still beating heart, illuminating her face and her intestines, coiled around her organs.

Dong and Eng choked a gasp, and let out a horrifying scream; gripping at each other. The bodiless head hovers closer. The two found their feet unfrozen, and they both scrambled out of there.

The bodiless head, slowly lower itself to where the bag of after-birth laid. It rummaged through the bags, somehow opening it by pushing the flaps. She came upon the after-birth placenta. Hissing with satisfaction, her long tongue slithered forward and jagged teeth chomp into the placentas.


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