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Horrors In The Dark

By: SilverWolfGoddes

Chapter 1, What happens when something is out there in the calm of night killing innocent people. Something unknown, inhuman, cruel and hungry for flesh? Fear happens, panic, curfews, stricter laws. Now what happens when the only ones who can stop these dark humaniod creatures from further murdering the people they love are just regular teenagers?

I woke up and zombie like looked at my barking dog.

"Sammy baby what's wrong?" I asked the upset animal. She was barking furiously at the window. I picked up a small stuffed animal and threw it at her, missing my mark on purpose so I wouldn't hurt her. "Ugh do you have any idea what time it is you stupid dog?" I asked not expecting an answer. Sammy only looked at me, back at the window and whined. I patted the foot of the king sized bed and she immediatly jumped up and curled at my feet. I layed down to sleep only to be woken up five minutes later by Sammy pawing at my shoulder and whining. "Shhh Sammy girl go to sleep!" I murmured tired. I had spent the whole day running errands only to come home and spend the rest of it in bed. I was dead tired and Sammy wasn't helping me at all.

-"Shut your dog will ya." Complained the man that lay beside me. He is part of the reason why I am so god accursed tired. I looked at his shoulder long platinum blonde hair, perfect creamy smooth skin, chocolate brown almond shaped eyes and sexy heart shaped mouth. That mouth made of sin made me flush as I recalled bits and pieces of my busy afternoon and the many things that mouth could do.

-"I'm sorry but I don't know what's got into her. She was fine a while ago but all of a sudden she started barking at the window and whining. I can't for the life of me imagine why she is like this." I told him. He rolled unto his side and looked me right in the eyes.

- " Did you check what's outside the window?"

-" What could there possibly be Adam? We are in a freaking third floor!" I replied annoyed.

-" Hmm, you never know." He said misteriously And with that he layed down again and closed his eyes. " Check" he said again, reluctantly I got up mildly annoyed at not being allowed to sleep. The air felt cold on my bare skin after being under the covers and I shivered. Softly approaching the white curtains I took a cursory glance around the dark appartment room. Everything was normal except for the garments scattered around the floor. I drew back the curtain and was greeted by an empty back garden. The pregnant full moon glowed beautifully on the outside world and lit up the yard with an ethereal glow. I stood there and stared at the way the moon played hide and seek with the midnight clouds. Neither of them winning and neither of them losing. A movement caught my eye and I glanced at the ground again concentrating on the edge of the forest at the end of the garden. Nothing. Just when I was about to close the curtain and go back to bed the movement by the trees was back. At first I thought there was someone there, but thats impossible because ever since the murders started there has been a curfew and no one breaks it. Not even adults. Oh my god what if it's the murderers?! I thought panicking on the inside. My breathing picked up a little and I had to wipe my now sweaty palms on the curtains. I shivered not liking the fact that I was starting to feel watched. I kept staring at the trees where I saw the movement but there was nothing there.

-"Breathtaking isn't it?" I jumped up startled by Adams silent approach. Pressing my right hand against my chest and feeling my heart fluttering inside like a hummingbird, I slapped Adams arm playfully with my left.

-"Don't do that! You know I get scared easily!" He chuckled and slid his arms around me while softly kissing my neck.

-" I'm sorry Alice my love I thought you'd heard me."

-"Of course you did. Come on lets go back to bed." He grinned.

-"With pleasure!" He winked at me and turned me around so I was facing him and had my back against the window. He pushed himself against me softly, trapping me between the contrast of the cold glass and his warm body.

- " This is not what I meant you one track minded pervert!" I exclaimed trying to get away from the ice cold sheet of glass pressing against me.

-"Psh as if you wouldn't like it!" He whispered seductively. I giggled innocently momentarily forgetting my discomfort.

-" What's your point again?" I asked leaning into him. His skin was extremely warm and I welcomed his touch. I buried my face in the crook of his shoulder as his hands roamed my upper body leaving fiery trails wherever he did so. I took a deep breath and inhaled his scent, he smelled like bike leather, expensive cologne and sweat with just a hint of something earthy and very masculine I have never in the entire time I've known him been able to name but that still drove me crazy to the near brink of insane passion whenever we were together. I pushed his chest gently and he slowly walked backwards until we both fell on the bed.

A tangle of limbs and really heated kisses later I had fallen asleep in the arms of this boy whom I had met by chance and like wise he had fallen asleep with the corners of his mouth turned up in a small smile as if continuing what we had both started but were to worn out to continue in his dreams. Neither if us aware that Sammy had gone unnaturally silent and still or of the pairs of eyes watching us from outside.

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