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A childs curse

Novel By: sonia

a strange story, not sure how to describe it View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 3, 2008    Reads: 185    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

. Tom loved his candle so much, it was his mother. His mother was a poor candle maker and servant who lived in wilkershore mansion. He was born a servant. The mistress beat her so often. She shed blood nearly every night. She knew that she wouldn't live long and she wanted to leave something for her little boy, something of hers so that he could remember her. So whilst she would bleed she would make his candle until the bleeding stopped. In a few months time the candle was complete. It had Pigments of blood within. Eliza gifted this candle to her son tom.
The home they lived in consisted of many servants. The teacher who taught the eight children there was a very evil man. The master had three wives and eight children, all of which were no older than six years old. Sometimes Mr Griffith let tom into the lessons. Every time a child was incorrect, tom was beaten with a stick.
One dreadful night when the master and mistress were out, Mr Griffith led all the children into the large hall. They were excited to be seeing some kind of performance. Tom was there too. Mr Griffith's original plan was to scare the children by giving an example of hell; he was going to continuously beat poor tom. But he did something much worse instead. Tom was huddled in a corner holding his crimson spotted candle. He was staring at his mother with tears in his eyes as he watched her scrub the floor with great difficulty. She was covered in bruises and scars. Silent tears dripped down her face as she was in agony. Mr Griffith called tom and noticed the candle. Tom told him what it was and realised it was a big mistake.
"Reserving blood is a devils sin" he told them. "She-devils should be punished!" he bellowed. Mr Griffith then dragged Eliza to her feet and slapped her. "I shall show u what happens to such people" he screamed at the children. His eyes glinting with excitement, he slapped her again and again. the children watched in fear. "You want more blood, boy?! Here's you blood!" Mr Griffith bust Eliza's nose. Red droplets poured out onto the floor. Eliza was staggering. She collapsed. Mr Griffith advanced onto her. He removed his shoe and beat her again and again. At first she screamed with every blow, but then she went deadly silent though still conscious. He pulled out a penknife and slashed her face and arms and legs. Blood spattered everywhere; Mr Griffith was covered but didn't care at all. Mr Griffith snatched the candle from toms weakened hands and lit it. He then trailed the candle up and down Eliza's skin and she began to scream again. He was burning her skin, dark brown crusty patches began to sore, and bleed. The children started cheering at this point. Tom began to surge with anger…….


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