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The Demon's hand

Novel By: Sophie Turner

Démon laughed. It was a horrible sound. He was a terrifying man, after all. View table of contents...



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Edward stumbled around. His vision blurred, he still knew he shouldn't be wandering around in the dead of night. Marie Lou, a young woman, passed him, scrunching her nose in disgust at the smell of alcohol on his breath. He laughed at her, and all of the people who had learnt not to pity him. Instead, they pitied his wife and daughter. They were the unfortunate ones, after all. Florence was Edward's wife, yet he treated horribly. Providing no income, Florence had to go and work whilst Emma, their daughter, cleaned and cooked despite being only twelve years of age. Edward would often turn to the public house after staying at home for the whole day, drinking away the hard earned money Florence had intended to be used for paying rent.

From a single storied house, sat a young girl. Her name was Atroce, which was French for dreadful. She detested her name, calling herself Chérir instead, meaning cherish. She told no one her true name. As Edward passed, she called to her so called Father. "Papa, Unlucky visitor!" She then realised that he spoke no English, not unless to the customers. "Père, visiteur malchanceux!" He came running as soon as he heard the French words. "Bougez-vous! Attrapez-le!" She leapt out of the wooden stool, and ran for the door. "Come..." She whispered sweetly. She closed her eyes, finding his name. "Come, Edward." She whispered, taking his hand. "No need to be scared." She smiled, though she really wanted to tell him to run. Edward stared at her pretty face. Edward followed her through the door. She sat him down, in front of Démon, who sat with hands clenched together, eagerly awaiting the next victim. Atroce slipped into her bedroom, pressing her ear against the door. "What are you?" Asked Edward, horrified at the man who sat before him. "Your worst nightmare!" Cackled Démon. Atrose knew that Démon would be drawing out the ink and feather, producing a scroll too. "What do you desire?" Démon growled, snapping his fingers. Edward's voice was no longer slurred, yet it still trembled with fear. "What do you mean? What are you inquiring?" Démon sighed, muttering thoughts that only Atrose would understand. "Money?" He suggested, signing the bit of the paper which required his authority. "Money is not needed. My family only need eachother's company." He stated factfully, though it was was anything but true. "What about for the public house? Company shan't buy you ale, will it?" Démon informed. "What about fame? Do you long for the world to know your name?"

"Not particularly, no." Edward sighed, though he was weighing it out in his head. "Well, I suppose it would be an asset, though. Free ale for the well known gentleman. Money, too. But no, fame is not what I desire."

"We do not have all the time in the world!" Snarled Démon, rising to his feet. "Do you wish for anything or not?"

Edward hummed whilst thinking. "No to money and no to fame, power?" Démon proposed.

"Power?" Edward supposed. "That's a possibility. I could wish for anything I want then. I could over throw Queen Victoria!" He realised.

"Stop! You do not know what you are doing, Edward! Run, save yourself!" She burst into the room, determined to save Edward. She had seen what Démon did to men and women, even boys and girls that weren't even ten years old. "Il a une famille, je sais. Je peux sentir qu'il les aime!" she yelled.

"Vous serez punis, mon enfant!" He vowed, raising his fist.

"Go to your family! Tell them of me. Never forget, never. Remember me, as I may return one day." She screamed above the shaking of the ground below her feet. Edward sprinted out of the door, pulling her with him. It was no use, though. The shaking just followed me. "Se souvenir de moi, ma mère." She prayed.

"What was your name?" He suddenly called. "I never knew your name!"

"Fleur. French for flower. That was my mother's name too. Not Chèrir, and definitely not Atrose." Fleur smiled, tears streaming down her face. A huge hole appeared beneath her feet. Although she tried to hold on, but Démon cruely placed his foot on my fingers. "I will come back." Fleur growled, tears glazing over her eyes. "Just wait. I will be stronger, Démon, stronger than you." She attempted to push herself up. She looked out of the door. Edward was stood there, panicking. "Go!" Fleur screamed. He span around and fled into the unlit alleyway. She laughed. Démon, who had been no father at all, could not destroy her. "Unstoppable." She sighed, her fingers finally tiring. Darkness surrounded her. "I will be back!" She shrieked.


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