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Leon and Noel were identical twins.. They went everywhere together, did everything together until Noel drowned and Leon's world came to a grinding halt.

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What an odd word, it's used to describe the feeling of the absence of feeling; a complete contradiction in on itself. The word gave a strange feeling as it rolled of the tongue, the tongue moving to touch the roof of the mouth before the lips purse together, signalling the end of said word. The very sound of the word vibrated inside the mouth, causing feeling which is not associated with numbness. No, numb was a feeling and it was probably the worst feeling. It was the precursor, the forewarning of pain. The mind didn'tbecome numb to protect itself from nothing and eventually feeling nothing would break the mind and it would beg to feel something. And that's when the flood-gates would open and the onslaught of emotion would assault the minds sanity.


You could say numbness is what Leon felt when his brother died.

He didn't cry, nor scream when he found his twin lying face down in the pool. He didn't move to pull him from the water; he didn't need to confirm the alarmingly obvious. I just stood and stared at Noel's corpse his turquoise-blue eyes widened, his mouth hanging open as if it had been unhinged. His face had frozen at the time Leon had realized his brother was dead. Leon was alone. They would no longer be the two black-haired rascals, never out of mischief. They would never devise any more pranks, nor play cricket with the boys across the road or ever be mistaken for one another ever again. Looking at noel had been like looking in a mirror, except the eyes that reflected back at him were not his, his eyes were swells of dark blues and light purples; dark while Noels were icy blue and sea green. Leon would never see those eyes again. And it hurt. But the pain was quickly numbed, his minds own feeble attempt to save itself from breaking; He didn't feel anything. He didn't move to help. Not when my mother came down to find us, not when she fished Noel from the water, not as she choked on sobs as she tried to perform CPR on a corpse. Not even when she had turned and screamed at him to call an ambulance. The nine year old just stared at the spot Noel had been floating with the same expression until his father had forced him away.

That was when he snapped.

As soon as his father's fingers laced themselves around his wrist he whirled around, his expression unchanging, still frozen on the horrified expression on his face. He popped his elbow out with explosive force into the man's groin which resulted in an instant reaction of pain, with no numbness to mask it. Leon's father crumpled to the ground with the shear shock of the blow and Leon took it as the chance to run. The Ambulance vehicle had just parked outside is house, but there was no saving Noel. Noel was gone, it wasn't that hard to grasp if a nine year old could so why was it the adult who didn't seem to grasp the simple concept of death.

Leon ran and ran. Away from his father, away from the ambulance… away from his brother.


Leon thought forcefully. He was running away from death, that corpse wasn't his brother. Not anymore. His brother left him all alone.



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