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a zombie nightmare

Novel By: suzyq2

my worst and most terrifying dream. revealing my greatest fears. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Something jolts me from sleep. Looking around, my heart racing, i see nothing. Straining my ears, i hear nothing out of place. But i can't help but feel uneasy. Standing, grabbing a baseball bat, i start inching towards my bedroom door. Breath's coming shallowly. Heart racing, i reach my door and ease it open.

Slipping into the hallway, i start towards my kids rooms. I'm the mother of 4 gorgeous children, even if they drive me nuts, i love them so. Reaching my son joshua's room, my youngest, i ease the door open further. Letting the light from the hallway flood the room. Looking upon his angelic face, i smile. Seeing nothing amiss, i close the door slightly. Heading for the next room. Opening the next door, my older son, robert's, once again the light floods the room. He stirs slightly, then settles back to sleep. Smiling, i close the door gently, but not all the way. Heads for my daughters' rooms.

Reaching my younger daughter's room, my brandy, i quietly open the door. My smile slipping as i see the state of her room, mentally notes that she and i have to talk in the morning. Seeing nothing wrong here, i slip back out just as quietly. Heading for my oldest's room, my angel, my nerves start jumping again. Bringing that horrible nauseous feeling back. My heart racing once again, i turn the handle to her door. Finding it locked, i grit my teeth in frustration. Reaching into the pocket of my robe, pulling out a butter knife kept there for this reason, i jimmy the lock. Opening her door quickly, i see what no mother want's to see. My daughter in a very compromising position with her fiance. Turning quickly, i start telling them to put some clothes on. That i'd see them in the living room.

Hurrying down to the kitchen. Fixing myself a cup of tea. I take it into the living room. Still carrying my bat. My daughter and her fiance walk in holding hands. As soon as they are seated, my daughter starts in on me. About violating her privacy, etc. I wait for her to finish her tirade. Then calmly tell her that It's my house. And i would not have her sneaking around with her fiance, gabriel. Even if they were engaged and expecting their first child. Gabriel looked at angel, telling her that i was right. Ten he turned to me and apologized for disrespecting me. Standing, he turned to go to the door, angel throwing a fit the whole time. Then i heard something that chilled my blood. Something was beating on the side of the house. Gabriel went to look, and he screamed at what he saw. Grabbed my daughter and ran for the stairs. Now i was scared outta my mind, but curious too. So i went to look,

Going to the window, i look out. Looking to the right, where the pounding was coming from. I saw why gabriel had screamed. My mouth worked soundlessly. The breath trapped in my chest by my terror. It looked to be a copse. Somehow animated. The skin was greyish, and pitted deeply. In places showing bone. Finally breaking free of my paralysis, i screamed. Racing for the stairs, reaching the second floor, i started grabbing my kids from their room's. We all huddled in mine. My boy's were frightened by my actions. The baby, joshua, started crying unconsolably. I didn't know what to do. I was so terrified. Thinking this only happened in movies. Grabbed my cell phone, and dialed my mom's number. And thanking the heaven's that i was paranoid enough to have had bars installed over all the first floor window's.

As my mom answered the phone, all i could hear was sudden screaming from my oldest, angel. Telling gabriel that the ladder was still against her window. I told them to stay where they were and went to push the ladder away myself. Handing joshua to brandy, i left my room. Talking to my mother on the way to angels room. It was hard to hear her over my step-fathers hollering. Apparently, what had happened here had also happened in other places. They were watching it on the news. How some kids were killed in el paso close to a cemetary. They were found mutilated, half eaten. Officers on the scene had a run in with some of the creatures. Finally stopping them after losing two of their own. Stopping them by blowing their heads off. I finally reached angels room. Hearing nothing yet, i entered the room. Going straight to her window.

I lifted the window. Watching to see if there was any movement. As i stuck my head out the window to push the ladder away from the house, one of the creatures came around the corner. Spotting me, it made an unholy noise and seemed to move a bit faster. Panicing and dropping my phone into the room, i just pulled the ladder into the house. Thinking it would be best to have it indoors than outside. Where the creatures might think of using it to get in. Dumb huh? But i was not taking chances with the lives of my family. I slammed the window shut and raced back to my room after picking up my phone.

Halfway back to my room, i remembered that i never locked my door's in this tiny town. Cursing under my breath, i called gabriel to join me. Telling him to bring my bat with him. Then i heard my dogs outside howling and whimpering in pain. I fell to the floor in tears. Knowing that my beautiful rott's and shephard's had been killed by these creatures. When gabriel got to me, he helped me up and down the stairs. I clutched at my bat like it was a life-saver. We went to the front door first. Locking it quickly, we then headed for the french doors in the dining room. As we locked these too, all of a sudden hands burst through the glass, grabbing at me. Screaming like a banshee, i fought to free myself. Gabriel pulled me free, and used my bat to beat them back long enough to finish our task. Thanking the heavens for the bars over all the glass on the first floor, we headed for the kitchen.

Going into the kitchen, the banging and pounding started getting louder. My dog's were now quiet. Which broke my heart. Crying hard as i locked the back door, i ended up jumping and screaming as the glass in the door shattered with more hands and arms reaching through. Grabbing a large knife, i started hacking at them. Severing one hand, it dropped to the floor and kept moving. I dropped the knife screaming and backing away from it. Gabriel grabbed it and threw it in the sink. Forcing it into the garbage disposal. He turned it on and i watched as it was totally made into mush. Gore spattering my wall's, appliances and us. Grabbing the bat, we turned off all the lights in the bottom of the house and started back up the stairs.


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