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The Interrorgation room

Novel By: terrex

Anna is a killer who will have coldness going down your spine. Just when you thought Anna couldn't kill anymore she does and still has her goal set on taking over the world from the author who made The Anna Story Series come The Interrogation Room. View table of contents...



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The Interrorgation room
By Terrex J Corbin

Prolonge: Anna sat quietly in the room chuckling at all the questions the offericers asked her, all she could do was keep quiet but not every question she kept quiet on. As she spooke chills when down detective macy donavans the second spine, it was the most chilling story everr told by Anna herself.

"i did what most serial killers do and that was to kill innocent people and gulity people there Fear is what keeps me going day and night i can't sleep without killing a person or two you think that keeping me here in jail is going to solve your problem. (chuckles) You got another thing comin macy, and for your police force they will be wiped out to extinction like they never exsisted and you will be all alone with me to thank." Anna said with er cold killer eyes stareing at macy.

" your sick! you need to be in solitary confinement away from other prison...

Anna cuts her off " you got me at your sick thank you Macy! that's all i wanted to hear (chuckles again) you just don't get it and will not get it. I made killing a career and it will still be my career till i have this world in the palm of my hands. I had this plan since i was born and i will continue to have it, and no one is going to stop me not even you macy." Anna Said.

then macy picks up the murder weapon and shows it to Anna. " That's your favorite toy huh? You get a thrill out of using it in a way to instill fear in others, you show no remorse in killing other people, you want people to feel what you feel and this is the path you took in getting the job done." macy said.

" I WANTED PEOPLE TO FEEL MY PAIN!, Yes they deserve what they got my parents didn't raised me right they thought i was there devil child and it hurted me for them to say that so i had to do somthing to make sure they liked what they saw. and they saw a 5 yr old doing her very first murder, i used those kids sissors and i stabbed a 5 yr old boy in the heart. And it felt good, so good i kept murdering kids to teenagers and to adults like you, heh! your parner macy donavan is dead and your taking her place so your the II huh?" Anna said.

Macy slapped Anna in the face as her expression turned cold. She did a low growl at macy as she stared at her with a very cold mean espression on her face.

"Wrong wrong move macy and now.... (she got up as she pins macy the second agest the wall as she takes the knife and pointed agest her neck) your going to die. (as she slit macy accross her neck as blood gushed out, Then she let her go as she collasped in her own pool of dark red blood as a evil wide grin was on her face. She did her loudest evil screeaching laughter knowing that the cops have a killer who is bound to kill them at any given time.


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