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a mind is a terrible thing to taste.

Novel By: theconspiracist

" If you kill one person; you are consider a killer. If
you kill ten people; you're a serial killer. If you kill
over a hundred people; you're a mass murderer.
And, if you kill everyone; you are a God. "

- Unknown

Enter a world unlike our's. A world so far away, but yet ever-so close; you can almost taste it. It is one, that
consists a dark and sometimes, a hauntingly peaceful element; it could only come from the cynical mind of Jonathan Wilkes. But
once you are deeply inside, its a malefic womb, it will consume everything that you are made of - in whole. It will surely send more than
chills down your spine. It will certainly make a true Believer out of you, as well.

Welcome to Jonathan Wilkes' world. It is one, that is not for the squeamish. Nor, for the faint of heart. It consists
a far cynical and malevolent undertone, only your life would want to avoid. It is also a place, in which, Jonathan would like to call it " a
home away from home". But he wasn't always like this, especially in his forty-eight year tenor in this world. Matter of fact, if you ever met
or seen Jonathan, you wouldn't think for one moment, he would be that type of person that would want to kill anyone. But sometimes,
"Looks can be quite deceiving". And, in most cases, unlike his past predecessors - Richard Rameriez, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer -
he wouldn't want to repeat any of their mistakes that got them caught in the first place.
Now, maybe it would have been better, if he never told you about his "secretive" life. Or, the fact that he ended one
hundred twenty-five Souls from this world. But he would only suggest, that he did it all for a good cause. And, he only wanted to admire his
rigorous urge, to see his masterpieces be completed before he dies. And, that would be definitely be quite the perferentially enormous for
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Chapter One

Salem, Massachusetts is a beautiful and historic city, just a short forty-five minute drive North of Boston. It sits

comfortably along the wonderous and scenic coastline on the Northshore. For the past Three hundred years, it has been worldly

renowned as "The Witch City". But these "witches" never flew on broomsticks. Nor, did they ever cast any "spells". But however, they

were only "accused" by the Purtians for being possessed by the "Devil" himself. So, they were hung and burnt at the stakes on Gallows

Hill; just a few hundred yards from the Peabody/Salem line.

In October of 1992, the city celebrated their 300-year Anniversary, by hosting a year of celebrations and parades

throughout the city. But "The Witch City" had a historic moment, in which, they wished they didn't want to remember. It is one, that surely would

change the course of history, as well, as how the people of Salem would live their lives.

It is one, that occurred on a rainy, and chilly day of October 19th, 1992.

While the "Witch City" was celebrating her 300th Anniversary, someone else was celebrating his 125th. His One

hundred twenty-fifth victim.

According to various news reports, a stunningly beautiful brunette was found dead on the Salem State College (Which

was later rename Salem State University in December of 1992). Her nude body was found in the deep and dark woods behind the college

campus by a group of students. They said, they were walking through the woods as a short cut, and they stumbled upon a body hidden

partially in some leaves and small branches. It appeared that, she was just tossed for a few hours; if not a few days. The young woman also was missing an arm. As if, her killer dismembered her before leaving her to die in the woods. There was also evidence that she was repeatedly raped, before she was killed.

As one student reported to the frenzy of the media, "Whoever did this to this beautiful woman was certainly very 'sick and twisted'."


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