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When 3 paranormal investigators decide to investigate an abandoned cement shack in the middle of the Sahara, they accidentally awaken a spirit far more evil than anything that has ever existed. View table of contents...



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I feel the floor creak loudly, sounding almost like it's screaming. Fear rises up inside me, but I contain it. I cannot allow myself to become victim to fear, not now. We've gone too far to give in now.

My flashlight begins to flicker, and eventually turns off. With my only source of light gone, darkness engulfs me. I try to see what's in front of me, but all I can notice are slight silhouettes of objects in front of me.

"Yo, what's going on?" I hear a deep voice behind me say. The voice belongs to Jack, I consider him the 'tech guy' of this whole operation. He's the one who manages the technology, hell he's the only guy here who knows how.

"Fucking flash lights gone dead. You got any spare batteries?" I ask.

"Shit, man. I'm out." Jake replies. I can tell he is trying to hide the fear, but I can hear it in his voice. After years of paranormal investigation, it's just something you pick up.

"Fuck!" I scream, not caring if anyone - or anything hears me. Without batteries, we have no light, and without light we have no way of navigating around this old, cement shack.

Then I hear a voice in front of me. "Holy shit, Blake, Jack, check this out. I think I found what we're looking for." I can tell that this boyishly, high-pitched voice belongs to Randy. Randy is the brains of the operation. He's the one who finds places for us to investigate, and plans out what to do.

I look around a bit, and notice a slight silhouette of a human body. It must be Randy. After motioning for Jack to follow me with his camera, I make my way towards the silhouette. It took longer than expected to get there, and when I did horror filled my body. I jumped back a bit, knocking over Jack and making him drop the camera.

"What the fuck dude? I think you might have screwed up the camera." He says, the anger in his voice was very clear.

I didn't reply. I just stared at what was in front of me in shock, some kind of mutilated corpse. I could notice drops of some kind of liquid, most likely blood fall from the body, like pellets of rain.

"Blake, you okay? You're fucking creeping me out dude.." Jack says, his anger is now replaced by fear. I can't let him be afraid, fear is our biggest weakness. It's what keeps us from taking the next step, it's what keeps us from doing our jobs, but it didn't matter anymore. You see, fear is like a virus. It spreads throughout the body slowly consuming you, unless you can keep it from spreading. But once the fear reaches a certain point, it becomes too late. The fear has already consumed you, and once it's inside there's no getting it out. Jack has reached that point.

"Just, just look." I say. It's becoming impossible to keep my fear at bay, but I still try. I am not afraid, I cannot be afraid.

Jack gets up, and I feel him put his arm on my shoulder as he looks at the corpse.

"Holy shit man, no way. No, this isn't happening." He says. I get up on my feet, and my eyes widen. This is, this is Randy's head on the corpse.

No, no, no. Not Randy, it can't be. I crumble to the floor, and let the fear I was trying so hard to keep at bay consume me. Who - no, what could have killed him in that manner so quickly? What the hell is here?

We have to abort this mission. Whatever the hell killed Randy is going to go after us, and I cannot let that happen. "Jack, we got to leave." I say.

He doesn't reply. "Jack? Jack, you here?" I look around behind him, and notice him standing still. He is breathing heavily, each breath getting louder and louder. I look towards the direction he is facing, and suddenly begin moving back, struggling to get on my feet. Blood, red eyes stared back at him. They shine brightly, slightly illuminating the area around them. Underneath the eyes, I see large, white teeth in the shape of a crooked smile. There is no face, there is no skin, just darkness in between the eyes and the smile.

What the hell have we awakened?


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