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Hello, this is a sequel to 29 so if you didn't read 29 don't read this, well you can but there will be spoilers, so for this reason I can't give a plot overview yet, guess you'll have to read to find out eh? View table of contents...


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The Red Lightning

The rain pounded hard, thunder struggles hard to compete over it all, glimpses of the dark forest made clear by the menacing bolts of pure energy descending from the black clouds looming over the village, everyone loves a good storm in this town.

I've always been fascinated by it all, my dad's a storm chaser and my mom's works at the local news network as… you guessed it, weather woman. Another beat of loud thunder comes into the orchestra of nature, but even if I love storms this one feels wrong. I'm not sure what it is, the thunder sounds… alive, the lightning looks a different shade of yellow, in fact it looks more like red, blood red.

Yawning I close the curtain, must be my imagination acting up again. The power went out a while ago but we have a generator, as much as everyone enjoys storms we hate losing power, I can't imagine missing an episode of glee or House even for a storm, as pathetic as that sounds.

I can't seem to focus today, people at school noticed too but I just have an all around bad feeling that today's going to be a bad day. It's weird because so far it's been nothing but great, I got my results for that english essay, 4++, my teacher even wants to use my work as an example, friggen awesome!

The wind is really going at it, I'm not supposed to be awake but I can't sleep during storms, I'm a light sleeper, someone drops a pillow and I hear it, it's not even funny sometimes. I've always had sensitive hearing, in fact I've always felt… off, I notice things I shouldn't and sometimes do things I shouldn't be able to do.

I've got this gift of remembering everything; every face and every word that ever comes out of their mouths, people don't treat me like a freak do… I have a nickname, well it started as a nickname but in time it might as well be my real name, they call me Sponge.

I absorb everything, I remember things about my birth, the inside of my mother which is at times… ok all the time very gross! I hear something upstairs, barely anything, probably nothing, but I'm too jumpy, when I tired I get paranoid. Frowning I swear under my breath as the loud generator noise just stops, it's brand new and completely fueled but the lights go out.

Leaving me in the total darkness I sigh, reaching for my key chain I pull it off my belt, lighting on the miniature flashlight I don't hear the noise anymore but I might as well check it out. Barely seeing a step ahead of me I remind myself that we should have more flashlights at hand, but as weird as I look I'm alone so who cares?

Thank god I'm alone, dressed in smiley face pajama pants and a red t-shirt with the Canadian flag on it, topped off by my King Kong slippers. Walking up the small sets of stairs I listen carefully but it's hard to discern from the storm and the possible anomaly of a sound in my house, I just want to make sure I didn't imagine it.

That off feeling is stronger than ever, I hear it again and this time my heart jolts a hundred miles an hour, definitely someone else in the house. Reaching for my cell phone I realize I lent it to Lenny, he went on a trip with his girl friend and needed it, never said why but I don't usually use my phone.

I can hear light whispering from my parents' room, this is the second floor, how the hell did they get to that window? A ladder in the middle of a storm like this, no way, it would get blown down by the wind. Sneaking quietly I'm glad we have a carpet floor, kicking off my slippers I know this is stupid but I need to investigate.

I lean against the wall, not able to hear the words when the squealing sound of a car braking suddenly fills the entire street. In fact everything seems to go in chaos, running out of my room two men quickly head for my room to get a better view.

Frowning at this I feel anger and confusion inside of me, then as I go to follow them to tell them to leave a woman comes out. Dressed in skin tight jeans and a scarlet red tank top my eyes immediately get glued on her, such a perfect figure, her flowing auburn hair, her piercing green eyes, the smoothness of her lightly tanned skin.

Looking me over she looks stern, "Follow me Bartimaeus, no time to explain." This is insanity but I follow her as she joins the others, my flipped on its side because apparently it was in the way. I look over the two intruders, what kind of people break into a house to get a better view of a car accident?

The two men look very odd, actually odd is an understatement; they look right out of this world. The first looks around my age, hair all messy as though he's been in a fight, his lip is cut and his eye is swollen. The other one looks older, but in pretty much the same condition, "What is going on here? Who are you people!? What are you doing in my house!?"

Not even looking back the older man motions for me to look, "Come see, if you got it in you that is, you might not like the answer." Too curious to be scared I walk to the window anxiously, the sky is filled with black smoke as chaos erupts everywhere, it's horrific!

The houses are on fire, I can hear women and children screaming as the flames seem to move with a will of their own. Blocking every possible exit, every window and even the damn chimney, some people break free and are engulfed in flames; screams of pure anguish are everywhere.

I gasp in shock as I see dad's car enveloped by a tree, he's running toward me, it's like this little town that never sneezes suddenly hit chaos overdose. Mom's there too, she cries in a concerned way as they run for the house, they want to make sure I alive, I go to open the window but the older man speaks again, "Trust me kid, you don't want to do that, unless of course you're up for being a barbecued chicken."

Too horrified to be offended I try to get their attention, I see the car approaching and tears stream down out of my eyes as a lightning bolt strikes the front of it, flipping over in a spectacular front flip the massive sedan lands violently on dad.

Crushing him instantly mom turns around, horrified at the sight of his hand sticking out, lifeless and broken, lightning itself seems to be affected by it, manipulated. She runs for the house but the bolts have a mind of their own, anyone lucky enough to make it outside is hit by the lightning bolts.

My mom gets hit square in the chest, even from inside the smell of death seems pungent, like it's filled the entire town. Bunt flesh, electrical fires, burning rubber, why am I safe and not them? Why should I deserve to live while they all die? Why is this even happening to us?

Looking at the intruders I am determined to get a straight answer, "Tell me why I'm here right now or I will open the window, I have a feeling you don't want me to do that." The men smirk and look like they're going to say something sarcastic but the woman cuts in, she looks empathetic although she sort of scares me, "We're here to escort you to the Secret Landing Pad, we'll explain later."

Resisting the effects of her sensual beauty I stamp my foot, crossing my arms I know I look childlike but I refuse to be treated as one, "No! Explain now! I want to know what you want me for. Or why this is even happening, and what's a Secret Landing Pad?"

Laughing drily the young man cracks his neck, "I told you he'd be trouble, I say we scrap that old demon's 'advice' and leave him take our chances, he's just going to go all 20 questions on us."

She glares at him, I can imagine daggers shooting out of her eyes as the expression if looks could kill crosses my mind, "Rarasotz is never wrong, we need him alive." Sighing the older man shrugs, "She's right, knock him out Siva, it should make him less of a broken poke my belly and I cry doll." Before the words even fully register I him smile, his fist approaching fast and it all goes blank.


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