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How 2 Survive

Novel By: Tommy Richman

Tonight killers and criminals run free. Inside this city no one is safe. in the midst of it all one man is trying to escape the past, the other trying to dig deeper into it. You can steal, maim, kill whatever you want. But whatever you do, make sure you survive. View table of contents...


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Chapter One Trapped
Mason Price
I'd tell you how long I've been here, but I lost count after the first month. Every day is the same, sitting in this cell trying to pass the time. If you've ever seen a prison movie you know jail is full of crazy shit. One Minute some psycho is trying to shank you to death, the next minute some psycho is trying to fuck you in the ass.
I always think about the same things in here, why I'm here, what I did and will I ever get out. I still think back to when the judge said 25 to life. To this day I still tell people I didn't do it. I don't know if it's out of denial or me just trying to ignore the past. However I know it won't help. I can't change what I did. But lying about makes me feel better the guards keep telling me I need to see the prison's psychologist but what good will that really do? Besides talking to some asshole in a suit that will pretend he understands, it would do less than nothing to help my mental stability. Now I'm just sitting, sitting and waiting. Soon the guard will be here to take me to the warden. All I could hear in my head was the screams and the police sirens. Why can't I stop thinking about it? All I can think is, I'm fucking trapped.
Finally the guard showed up. Officer Pendle kept dragging his nightstick on the bars, making this annoying rattling sound. "Come on Price let's go." I hesitated and he started to get agitated "come on Price hurry your ass up I don't have all day."I got up and walked to the cell door. I put my hands through the slot of the door and he cuffed me. The cell slid open and he pulled me out. "Come on Price the hell you waiting for?"
We started walking down to the warden's office past all the cells I didn't want to see any of the people in them. None of their threats or gang signs, none of it mattered anymore. My eyes tended to lock on the steel grates of the catwalk by the cells only hoping I could avoid eye contact with anyone. Pendle smirked and asked me "so you happy to see the warden today Mase?" I just shook my head and replied "not at all." He let out a small laugh, which he did quite often. We finally got to the gate to let us out of the cell block. "I got model prisoner Mason Price with me so hurry the fuck up and open the gate." Officer Pendle was happy as usual. They were slow opening the gate so Pendle was quickly getting irritated. I could see him getting pissed he had a short temper. When the gate finally opened his anger suppressed. We approached the door to the warden's office. Pendle said "well Price looks like this has been some great quality time." When people didn't laugh at Pendle's jokes and I use the term jokes loosely he got annoyed and let out insecure laughs. He said to me "So Price tell me, why'd ya do it huh?" I'd be lying if I said that didn't bother me at least a little bit. So I shot back at him and said "Because the motherfucker deserved it. You understand that?" He let out another stupid laugh, "so you a big tough guy now huh Mason?" I just ignored him. Suddenly we could hear screams and gunshots. He then turned around "what the hell? Shit! Open the fucking gate!" I turned and saw fights and bodies hitting the ground. The gate was still closed and Pendle was losing it. "Fuck open the damn door! What the hell is going on!?" Finally it slowly slid open and Pendle ran into the riot. The fights must've made him forget I was even here I took off down the hall and to the steps.
I got the floor of the cafeteria where I saw a body dropped over the balcony onto a table below. People were beating each other with shanks, pieces of pipe, 2x4s and anything else they could find. A young guard in front of me was nervous he was being cornered and he didn't have his gun. The group of inmates jumped him and laid him out. I felt bad but I had to get out of here. I grabbed his keys and took the cuffs off myself. When I looked up Pendle was beating a prisoner with his nightstick I could see the guy crying for help. But Pendle took off and ran, and then I could see the blood drip out of the poor guys head. He was more than likely dead. Out of rage I chased down him to his office where another inmate was reading files in his office. He was an average guy 6'0 ft. and a buzz cut. But he was soon smacked to the floor when Pendle laid him out. He started swinging at him but couldn't hit his head because he was blocking him. I ran in and grabbed a empty bottle on the table. Pendle was known for drinking on the job. I broke the bottle over his head. The shattering of the glass brought almost too much joy. Knowing I finally laid him out. I helped the guy up, he said "Thanks I'm Lance." "Yeah I'm Mason let's get the fuck out of here." I grabbed Pendle's gun and Lance took the files he stole and we ran out of the door looking for a way out. We ran down the hall way by the office hoping a door was open. The prison wasn't on lockdown meaning the control room was left with dead guards. When two of the officers ran in we hid behind the wall and they passed us. We escaped out the door only to be trapped by the big prison wall. At least 20 feet up. "How do we get over that?" Lance was panicking. Hold on I got an idea. I ran to the gate to let us out. There's a small door on the gate to let visitors in, not that I ever got any. "What are you doing?" Lance was confused as I aimed the stolen gun at the lock and shot it off. "Wait! There's Rey!" I turned "what?" Lance's friend Rey was being chased by two guards. Rey was a thin guy and he was fast. Lance yelled to him "come on let's go!" The three of us ran faster than we ever have before. Chased by guards to the only place we could go, the woods. For once in my life was I as running away trying to escape death. I didn't feel so trapped.


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