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The Deads Act

Novel By: Tumaini Patillo

There is another world, there is a better world, well, there must be, there must be.- Asleep

The dead are attacking, but that is only the beginning of their act. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2


"There has to be a way to escape this madness," I am currently in the principles office, searching through the drawers while trying to stay quiet at the same time.

"Listen, if your going to talk loud then at least close the door and lock it," I mutter out to my friend who is standing out in the hall for watch. She dramatically sighs, trudges in the room, close and locks the door softly.

"Fuck," Alright maybe not lightly, she caught the attention of the undead. Thanks Avalon. After a pile of cussing stumbling out of her mouth then her head snaps in my direction. "What do we do!?!" she panic.

I quickly toss papers in the air, my breath catching in my throat as my eyes stare out the window. Bodies are being carelessly knock into the door and chain of groans or grunts are exchange. I start to feel panic...Dear God I never actaully wanted a zombie apocolypse to happen. Next time do not listen to me unless its something about a beanie or a fingerless glove that I wa-then it hits me. There will be no next time. It all hits me at once, I begin to get emotional but I'm not letting that happen so instead it turns to anger.

I glance out the window once more before grabbing the pair of scissors off the light brown desktop. "The door," I point to it and Avalon stares at me in complete utter shock. Legit.

"Are you out of your mind?" Her voice cracks a bit, either from my insanity or from the screams and hordes of undead ripping at the door.

"Ava, you have to trust me, right Banana?" I say softly and calmly, though its for her sake only. Honestly if you ever ask me if I'm out of my mind over something insane as this then I might panic and nod but at this moment I'm only concern about Avalon and my safety. So yes I'm out of my mind but for a good reason...

Avalon stares at me for-it seems-hours, though the door handle jingling uncontrollably knocks us out of our trance. "Bloo..." she shakes her head and wraps her hand around the knob, taking a deep breath. She glances at me once more before pulling the door and hiding behind it.

I stared at the floor, my eyes close tightly as my breathing became heavier and the echoes of the undead echo through. My grasp around the scissors tighten, one of them stumbling to me, and as if reflex the scissors slam into their skull. A sickening crack bounce off the walls. And all heads snaps in my direction.

"Come at me," I mumble, prying the scissors out of the limp zombies head. "Come at me you monsters!" I scream, and for a moment I thought I heard them gasp, each and everyone of them. Insane. Just a insane thought.

It happens.

About nine of them come at me at once, but only three died, and the six ended up pouncing on me as if this is damn football. Football!

I struggle underneath them, a strangle scream either comes from me or one of these zombies. I see a decaying mouth come close to my neck, my brown orbs tightly closes as my breathing begins to slowly drop. I'm about to die, about to die. I begin singing about to die-originally written by me- in my head to keep myself occupy while waiting for a stab in the neck.

Though it never came. And I must have been too dramatic because soon I hear laughter instead of feeling sweaty hot bodies upon mine. I peak one eye open to see a familiar face hovering over mine, a smile upon it.

"Being a bit dramatic, yeah?" Gabe holds his hand out for me to take, which I gladly accept. He hoist me up, butterflies flutter in my stomach and a light blush tints my cheeks. "So care to explain the reason zombies were all over you?"

I slightly shake my head and glance around the room. Papers scatter, the door wide open, blood pelt the walls and screams of the other zombies can be heard. Apparently their near, possibly close to the office.

"Bloo come on," He takes a hold of my hand and leads me down the hall. I look over my shoulder to see decaying figures dashing. I cover my mouth with my free hand to keep myself from screaming as I turn my attention away from them.

Gabe slams the door, locking it as fast as possible. "You alright?" I only nod in response, not noticing anyone else in the room until someone clear their throat. I swiftly turn around, fear evident in my eyes though ceases once I meet familiar faces.

"Your alive," Avalon breaths, running over to me. I pull her into a hug, closing my eyes and keeping a tight hold around her. "I thought you got..."

"I'm alive, I promise," I whisper as she cuts herself off, not able to finish her sentence. I slide my fingers through her soft blonde hair and slightly smile. "Hey, everything will be fine. Trust me, Ava."

She laughs softly shaking her head, "You just told me to trust you-"

"And honestly, Avalon you need to do that. Trust me."

"I should and I do..."

Our moment is interrupt by someone clearing their throat. I then remember, my arms loosen and I turn around to face everyone. Their faces clearly has fear written all over it. I feel horrible for everyone. "So um zombies has officially took over." What else am I suppose to say? Nothing. I literally have no other explanation for it. Nada.

London coughs awkwardly, "Really?" she mumbles, keeping her eyes on the floor. I nod slightly and walk over to her, flinging my arm around her shoulder.

"I will protect all of you, as long as we stick together then nothing can harm us," I say, looking at everyone. I seriously look at each one of them, a dead set look on my face. I'm not going to die and if I can, I'll make sure no one else doesn't either. "So anyone has a idea on how to escape?"

And everyone glares at me.

What did I say?


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