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The Deads Act

Novel By: Tumaini Patillo

There is another world, there is a better world, well, there must be, there must be.- Asleep

The dead are attacking, but that is only the beginning of their act. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3


"Its too dangerous," I mumble, starring out the tiny window on the door. Their throwing their bodies carelessly at the wood, banging and screaming. I sigh quietly and throw a pencil at the door making them freeze then slam against the wood once more and continue their act.

"Gabe we have no choice but to do it," London says, and for once she sounded...alright. I take a glance at my young blonde hair sister, she look completely serious too. I nod slightly and head over to the others, mainly Bloo and Dean.

"Gabe do you agree?" Bloo ask turning around to face me. It had been Bailey and London that suggest we kill half of the zombies to leave the building which of course Bloo imply since she ask 'Anyone have a idea on how to escape' and of course that's when Bailey rose her hand and London copying her action.

"No, no to none of it," I say shaking my head. "This is dangerous, we could all easily die..." Alright so I'm being a bit dramatic but still Its extremely dangerous, right?

Dean and Bloo glance at each other before bursting out into laughter. "Right." Both said in unison and pass me going over to the banging door that had the horde tossing themselves at each other or the door as if their saying here I am. Gross.

"So Bloo and I will try to distract the beasts and as we do then I need the rest of you to run down the hall to the elevator, run into other corpse kill them or run into another human then check to make sure their human," Dean instructs, confidence yet fear inside of him. "Got it?"

And before anyone could say anything, Bloo yank the door open forcing one of the corpse to fall on its face. She stab the scissors she has in her hand into the head and then pulled it out, the creature scream out in pain before going limp. Crimson splatter all over the place but faze no one, not even me. Bloo glance back at everyone, her stare mainly focus on me before a hand grabbed her arm pulling her out into the horde of undead. Dean wave and slam the door close both vanish, the horde following.

"Alright so everyone knows what to do, yeah?" I ask.

Bailey and London nods grabbing their supplies, which is staplers. "We can do this thing." Bailey says holding her weapon tightly.

"I'm actually kind of nervous," Abby's voice peeps up. And then everyone agrees, except for London, Bailey, Avalon and I.

"Alright! Shut it!" Avalon exclaims instantly catching all of their attention. "One; Bloo and Dean would never set us up for danger, their smart in this. Unless you played zombie games or watch zombie movies all day then you have no right in the say," her eyes scan each of their faces, a roll of the eye before she stood on the table to continue. I glance out the window to notice a couple of corpse. Hurry up. "And even if you did play or watch those things, then use that to destroy those...shit."

Avalon and the rest of us stares in her direction. Oh you have to be serious. More dead around the door. Great. I turn around so I'm facing the door. "Ready?" I ask.

"Yes!" Avalon yells wanting to already leave. I nod and open the door, instantly the smell of rotten and decay fills around us. I take a step back as one of the corpse stumble in my direction, ending up knocking into Avalon who caught me before I fully fell.

"Diana," I turn to see Diana slightly nod, breaking a pencil in half and running toward the creature. I try to stop her but Avalon keeps a tight grip around me to hold me back. So I have no choice but to watch.

Diana push the corpse against the wall, slamming its back and holding it by its neck. She immediately stabs it in the head before stepping back as the body slumps then falls to the floor. She smiles, kicks the limp figure with her foot before turning to us and giving us a thumbs up. I nod while Avalon takes my hand and lead us to the door, seeing the other figures of the undead vanish.

"Alright, stay near each other and lets head to the elevator," She orders taking charge and leading all of us out the door. She glances around before walking once more. I look over my shoulder down the hall to see no sign of the dead...or Bloo and Dean.

And then the most terrifying thing happens, a scream echo through the halls. I swirl around, the same as everyone but Avalon. "Keep moving," Avalon demands, tugging on my arm.

"Did you hear that?" I ask pulling my arm away from her grasp. She groans and starts dragging me.

"It might have been Bloo..." I freeze once the name slips out her mouth.

"What?" I say.

"It might have been Bloo." She replies quietly. She drops her hands and look down. "She said that her and Dean are going to distract the zombies-"

"Yeah I know that part and by 'distracting', what did she exactly mean?" I ask interrupting. She sighs softly and looks up, looking into my eyes.

"All I'm going to say is hopefully she survives, her and Dean," She mumbles. I only nod, slowly and quietly following.

After all I have no choice. What else am I suppose to say or do?

I just hope Bloo and Dean are alright...


Hi! I publish both the introduction/chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3 altogether because I had already written those nd had them done. I hope your liking this so far. It is taking me time to write it but i'm enjoying writing it. Its a lot of fun. chapter 4 is in the process of boeng written, it should be done soon! As for now please comment and tell me what you think about it so far, i would love to know.

Thanks! xx


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