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Red Zombie

Novel By: Tyler Maciel

Two try to surive the zombie apcolyse as hell on lessess View table of contents...



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BY tyler maciel


In 2007 a virus is unleashed by a terrorist organization in moscows and londons water supply it was a virus mutated from the rabies people flocked to hospitials a rage virus no one knew what happen in boston planes crashed pilots in pure rage crowed streets. If the infected coughed in your face or bite you,you went into pure militarys scrambled one year later the earth was infected the healthy try to find cures underground bunker those who cant acsees the base are faced with crisis drought and hunger and lack of oil ammunation and food it is total hell on earth hell has been unleased.

Chapter one

"another day another kill" john says waking up it is a year after the attack

he took over a apartment in boston he looks out the window seeing wreckage of planes and dead bodies the dead walking the grim uncertian feeling of death and destruction the grey black skies of boston the streets with crashed cars.John walks away from the away from the window he walks to a coffee tabbel with a picture of his dead wife that was flight adtendent on one of the flights that crashed then he holds her locket that was left behind that had given to her on her aniversy they were married for 12 years john had been a marine and met her in 1995 and married the same year he went to his dreser there a small kitchen in his apartment he put on a bullet proof vest and roit gear he also had a eod suit off of a dead sergent that killed himself the helment wasnt damged the soldier took the helment off to kill himself

he then made break fast he made ceral due to lack of resources he had a loaded fourtey five in his pantrey he had 9mm underhis pilow on his coach he found the apartment when he ran out of gas in his car he found a apartment right across him he went to the apartment. Then he went to get his hunting rifle he grabed the rifle and his 9mm that morning he went to go scavenging

he hot wired a car he drove around then hey thought "how could socitey let this happen to me socitey deserved this for alowing someone to do this"

john was driving 34 miles per hour in a black hummer spiked rims with a spiked snow plow he saw a military f 22 pass by for cupple of days the fighters where passing by.John stopped at a pharmacy he creeped in the door

he grabbed a bag and filed it up with food and medical supplys and pain killers a bang on the back door and a yell "HELP ME OH MY GOD HELP THE Pain help" the surivor said banging on the door in pain the undead trying to get him john ran too the door opened it and let the man in."in gods name what happened"john said urgently " I was scavenging and I got shot in the leg and those things came after me I saw your car so I came here" the man said "okay whats your name" john responed "my name is devin I am a writter for the XBC news a month ago my helicopter crashed I fled to the john hancock tower" devin said "okay devin now take a bag quick and fill it up then after that we run to the car" john said "okay" devin said devin filled two bags then they ran in a horay to the hummer they drove fast the skreeching of the tires then john said "heres some pain killers and a bandage bandge your self up for now" john said "okay" devin said back they arived at the apartment devin layed down on the couch john locked the door john then took a look at the leg the bullet had been a 357 round john said "we can save the leg" john said "thank god" devin responed "hold still" john said then john grabbed a steak knife tweezers and hydrogen peroxided hey put plastic on his leg then he began to cut the steak knife cut through the skin smoothly then he grabbed the treezers and put them in the hole then made a jerking motion the bullet came out blood came flowing out he grabbed a towel he pressed the wound and poured peroxide on it then quickly he wrapped it in bandageing then john said "stay off the leg for a week or two and will heal maybe a month for the bone" john said "thank you" devin said "dont mention it" john said "do you know if the military is coming" john said "no not at all" devin said "okay" john said john walks to bathroom throws his clothes in the bathtub to wash it then he changes into a marine officers uniform he walks to the closet he turns on a genrator thats quiet he turns on the tv and plugs in the dvd player he sits down in a chair in the living room he pops in a movie its a comedy called edt a military comedy "what happened here in boston" devin said asking "hell was unleashed" john says back.

Chapter two:one month later

John and devin are driving in a hummer they are scavenging in the boston subway john gives devin a walkie talkie john is wearing a eod suit devin is wearing riot gear from a swat team the same john was wearing john and devin get out of the car and travel down in the subway.They check the train they walk in they see dead bodys john walks to the drivers seat in the front there is a zombie that apears dead then john moves it and it is alive the zombie grabeds the helment and grabs him devin runs to john he shots the zombie with a 12 gauge shotgun "oh jesus" john said "i know" devin said

"grab what you can and put it in this duffel bag we are leaving for the hummer now" john said.They ran to the hummer they drove off fast crashing into zombies they stoped the car and ran into johns shelter he closed the door and locked the door fastly "what did you find" john said "a Nony camera"

devin said "what is on the camera" john said back "turn on the genarotor I will watch the films" devin said john turned the genraotr on devin played the footage they saw people counductioning in griddy canibalism then zombies start too eat the corpse and the camera man "HELP HELP" the camera man said screamed "turn it off" john said "okay" devin said devin turned off the film "what the hell did I watch" john said "i dont bloody know man" devin responed "i dont know but the suriovors must be around and I will kill those those damn canibals" john said "yeah" devin said "whats for dinner" devin said "hot pockets" john said they eat dinner then went to bed they woke up to har banging the got there guns ponited them at the door and opened the door canibals with clevvers were there john fired and killed the two canibals they dropped to the ground then shut the door and locked it fast and john said "what the hell was that" "it was those damn canibals on the film" devin said

"you keep watch" devin said "okay... oh my god" john said the next morning undead were outside the apartment john had a hunting rifle and shot one of the unead to the far west undead went to the fallen undead to draw attention to the undead corpes the undead ate the corpes.To be countuned


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