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Carla White: Carrie 3

Novel By: ultragurl700

Overly religious foster parents and a deadly power Carla is bullied by people and her nightmares. with her mom dead and only her to blame Carla is adopted to overly religious couple and looses her best friend. She alone and every ones out to get her until she meets Sam a British exchange student but will she hurt him like the others did her? When the time comes for them to break her down she will break them. . . View table of contents...


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by.Kathy H.

Four year old, Carla stood still next to her dying mother Rebekah White after her unknown dad left the family two years ago. It was told that Rebekah's heart exploded in her chest and her ribs where pressed down in to her back crushing inside of her. When officers arrived on the scene little Carla stood near her mother blank and miles away in her head. Officer Red said he saw Carla standing still like a statue only tears rolled down her cheek but no emotions but crying silently he also said Rebekah screamed the girls name and telling her to stop. "Stop this Carla," was her last words before she passed. Carla was placed in a foster home then was adopted by Henry and Tillia Dunes. Since then her where abouts are not in the public.


Dean Red

At the Dune's residence Tillia Dune's heard banging then screams. Assuming it was a burgarly she went to get her husband, Henry but they later found out it was Carla on the floor traumatized shaking after a coach some how flew right pass her as she was watching T.V on the monday night. A door was broke. Assuming Carla was possed they decide to give her an exorcist. Sadly she isn't possed and The Dune's moved over and over again.

Carla White-Dune put away the articles she kept from Mr. and Mrs. Dune the fake happy family who really are lazy slumps at times but somtimes hopeful. Carla could hear Mrs.Dune ramble on and on about the Bible with Mr.Dune's next to the door as if a demon would po out and emerg in to flames. Dumb as they where Carla got stuff but nopt that she wanted all that stuff. Carla wondered how the Dune's would react to the first article. It was obvious in some paranoramal way she killed her mom but didn't know how, so that was hard and her mother's death is still a cold case and her father's where about is a cold case to her. "Carla come to dinner darling." Mrs. Dunes pooked her head in the door inhaling the smell of cinnamon.

"Okay," Carla answered putting her red hair in ponytail then walking to the kitchen. Mr. Dune was holding the Bible. She took a seat and they held hands. Mrs.Dune's let Mr.Dune read the Bible. He would look at Carla who would just close her eyes and ignore. They begin to eat and Mr.Dune brung up a sensitive subject.

"I was thinking if the Devil is in that boy in the next door house his family should make him leave the house." Mr.Dune looked at Carla.

"I think so too sweat heart." Mrs. Dune was a wife every stupid dumb as man would want. Loyal and motherly at the same time a 1950 pin up mom. "You Carla?"

"The idea is bogus they should at least talk to a priest."

Mrs. Dune smiled. "We did that with you nothing worked."

Carla felt her cheeks burn in furry. How dear she? "Well if your so danm worried leave me the hell alone!"

"Young lady listen to you mother!" When did it come to listen to your mother?

"First of all she is not my mother and second my mother is dead. D-E-A-D! DEAD!" Suddenly the forks lift up and hit the wall.

Mrs. Dune gasped. "Go to your room we'll be up to read you the Bible." Carla gets up and as she walks up the stair and in to her room the door closed behind her fast.


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