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Damian's Demon

Novel By: WerewolfGirl

Damian has always been an ordinary 13 year old boy going to school and hanging out, with an ordinary mother. But theres something about him which makes everyone fear him, the fact that when he's angry his eyes go a bright red. One night, he gets an unexpected visitor, a visitor which scares the living shit out of him. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2009    Reads: 232    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Damian awoke with a lurch; these dreams have been coming more often lately, these horrible, morbid dreams. Do they mean something?
Damian was a thirteen year old boy, he wasn't the best looking boy in the world, or at least he didn't think so. He was tall and slender, didn't have much muscle, he had sandy blonde hair; it was jawbone length and usually straightened. He had the most unusual eyes you could ever see, they were a deep, deep purple, when he was enraged they turned a brilliant red, he had never known why they did this and his mother would never tell him. People were afraid of him; they seemed to think that he was some sort of beast.
"Damian, dear! Dinner!" His mother yelled up the stairs to get his attention, though he probably could have heard her at a whisper.
"Commin', mom!" Damian was in his room drawing mindlessly, listening to music when his mom yelled up at him. He jumped up from off the floor and walked out his door. He looked over the balcony of the stairs, "Ah what the hell, why not?" he mumbled under his breath as he flung himself over the balcony and onto the floor beneath it.
"Honey, I really wish you wouldn't do that. It scares me." His mom just stood there and looked at him with concern. Her eyes weren't purple... Though he'd never met his father.
After a nice dinner of steak, Damian ran up the stairs, into his room and sat on his bed by the window. He was staring out into the rainstorm that had emerged from somewhere while he was eating. He was just watching the rain when all of the sudden there was a crack and a flash of lightning, which caused Damian to cover his eyes and look away. When he looked back, there was a huge man in front of his window; he was much taller than himself, probably about 7 feet tall. His face was frozen in an insane smile, and his eyes were bright red. That wasn't all, he had huge black wings, that of an angel of death.
"W-who are you?! What are you doing here?" Damian looked up to this large creature in fear, who was he? What was he doing here?
"It's been a while... So long, in fact, that you don't even remember me." The man looked around, "You've changed Damian, you really have. You don't even know what I am, do you?" the creature looked him dead in the eye. Those eyes... Those are my eyes!
"No, what are you? Why do I have your eyes? What are you doing here? Don't you dare hurt my mother, I'll kill you!" Damian looks around for something sharp edged, he sees the pocket knife his mother got him and lunges for it.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wouldn't try that now, Damian." As he lunged for the knife, he looked back at the freak, but he was gone. "Psst, in front of you." Damian looked forward, how did he get here so fast? What the hell! The creature cackled maniacally and grinned insanely at him.
"Who are you?!" Damian screamed as he jolted backwards.
"Who am I? Oh I'll tell you who I am! I'm your worst nightmare! I am the reason people die, I am the reason your eyes turn red when enraged! I am a demon of death! I am a god of death! Yes, you are the descendant of a demon! You are a demon!" the more this creature yelled the more insane he became, his eyes turning to a deeper red, until they eventually reached pure black. He stood in the middle of the room cackling.
'Knock, knock' It was Damian's mother, "what's going on in there?! Open your door! Damian open this door now!" before Damian could say anything his mother was in the room, mortified. She saw the demon and just stared.
"Hello, Jane." The demon looked her straight in the eye, grabbed her arm and flung her out of the 3 story high window. He smiled and giggled as he turned his head to look at Damian, "Bye, bye, mommy." He grinned at the boy, "my name is Archoneas." As he said this, he lunged at Damian, grabbed his arm with his teeth and flung him into the wall where he smashed his head into the corner and fell unconscious.


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