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COMPLETED!(First book of the Venom series.)

The virus was first found in a test patient, a volunteer, mutating rapidly.

The mutated virus didn’t take long to turn him into a blood sucking monster.

It started with a simple laboratory test.

Vampires did not exist, right?


They are not the usual romance novel related, stunningly handsome Vampires.

These are the new age Vampires and all they crave is blood … human blood. View table of contents...


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He picked up a new test tube and squirted some blood into it and mixed it. The red had changed colour from blue to black, like onyx. Frowning slightly at the reaction of the two solutions, he took out a small amount at squeezed out a tiny blob under the microscope.

He was squinting one eye from behind his laboratory glass mask and studied the cells through the magnifier. "The cells are being attacked by the virus and eaten," he stated. His voice was recording in the inbuilt mechanism in his laboratory suit, whilst he was watching the red blood cells dying and transforming into darkness.

He moved away for a moment to type something down into the laptop, and then came back to observe what else was occurring. Whatever was happening was horrifying.

The virus was mutating unpredictably fast and his heartbeat was increasing its function. "A strange reaction has occurred to V3 infected blood," he continued, and twisted the magnifier's level to increase. He could see the blood cells closer and clearer. "It's mutating incessantly." His brown eyebrows furrowed together.

Sighing, he moved away once more and jotted the status of the virus, and then went away to the center of the room. He moved past the semi clear curtains - which were hung around like a temporary four-walled area - and concernedly, went over to his volunteer.

The male volunteer - who was heavily sedated for the purpose of the test - was named 'V3' on the personal file.

The scientist was flipping through the papers on his clipboard. Out the corner of his eye, he caught the V3's hand move suddenly - like a tiny spasm. That was impossible. "V3 is going through a spasm attack of some sort, despite being heavily sedated. Perhaps this is the work of the mutating virus that is attacking V3's body internally," he acknowledged.

He saw the laid body going through more spasms, which were stronger than the last. Making sure to write more down onto the clipboard, he lifted the eyes to check the pupils on the body. "The eyes have altered," he confirmed what his eyes saw, "The pupils have decreased in size significantly … the cornea is notably losing colour unusually fast."

Suddenly, an inhuman screech came out of V3's throat, in anguish. And just as abruptly, his heartbeat ended on the machine and was replaced by a monotonous, yet alert, tenor. The body was not moving anymore and was laid limply and soundlessly.

The scientist sighed in defeat. "We have lost V3," he stated. "Albeit, a new fact has risen; the eyes have changed colour in their whiteness into black, unlike the previous two volunteers, V1 and V2."

V3's eyes opened, revealing the corneas as blood red. The eyes swiveled to the right, smelling the human's blood standing next to its undead carcass. The breathing was growing hard and raged, unlike the preceding patients, and shot up from the bed. It screamed hungrily with wide eyes and lunged on the scientist. It opened its mouth wide, revealing sharp teeth - every one of them was fang-like - and bit into the man's arm.

The scientist was too caught off guard and fell to the ground, pulling the plastic curtains over himself and the mutant. He screamed in pain as his protective lab suit and flesh was ripped away from him.

Blood was splattered on the plastic covers.

"No!" he gasped, realising that his body was weakening. He should have yelled for help, but his tongue was numb and his voice was a mere mumble. His heartbeat was like a giant, echoing drum in his ears as his eyesight dimmed and darkened into nothing.

That day, was his last.

…As a human.



Hey! Guess what? I've started this new story again. XD This is the first book of the world epidemic series, 'Venom'. Read it, rate it, and show support. It's by your support that motivates me to write. *Sigh.* Thank you.

Never trust me to finish my previous books before starting to post more. I've learnt that the hard way. *Shakes head.*You don't know how much I forced myself NOT to start a new one again. *Sigh.* But I guess it was supposed to happen; it was meant to be. :D I think. I just hope I do an excellent job.

Pray for me! D: Comment, like or dislike.


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