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Novel By: Yosuf

David moves into a new town, where he starts to see the strange shadows of night, who offer a wish for a service.

David has many wishes in mind most of them, woeful and grieful.

Be careful what you wish for. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 23, 2011    Reads: 11    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

My back ached as I stood up, I've spent more time than ever watching TV, my Mom called for dinner, I went to the kitchen, and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said ,

" Hey Mom. "

My mom asked ,

" How you doing Honey? "

I answered, " Fine, what's on for dinner? "

My mom replied " Burgers. "

Nothing new, but they're tasty, I sat on the kitchen table, waiting for dinner to be served, and finally mom had put a plate in front of me with some burgers, I ate greedily, I was hungry though, after I was done with my plate, I went to my room, and laid on the bed.

I looked strangely at the drawers and opened one of the drawers and took out a story book, a horror story book, my favorite. I started reading the first chapter, and went to sleep right on.

The next day, I woke up at 7:00, as my alarm clock had rang at 7:00. Mom called for breakfast, great, I was hungry. Cereal great. It was silent, except for my dog barking softly, we didn't mind it though. My dog's name is Jake, I liked him much, my mom got me him as a present in my birthday when I was 7, now I am 13.

I really liked the idea of going into a new house, sounds great, so I really can't wait, I don't have much friends here though, I'm sure I can get a good start there, so I didn't mind, we were moving tomorrow, it was winter break, it was about to end, a bit rainy, no snow though. After I was done with eating, I sat on the couch, and stared at the trees, trees look nice in winters here, I live in U.K. I've watched the trees for a while, the bushes were swaying, the bell rang, mom got the door, I heard shouting, that neighbor again, complaining about our dog annoying him while he was sleeping, he comes here almost every day, it's getting a bit annoying, my mom says to him every day, it's just a dog...we can't control what it does. The neighbor left, my mom shut the door, and said,

" We've got to control that dog at night. " I said,

" Yeah, we have to. "

I really don't care what my neighbors said about Jake, he's a loyal friend, in fact the best, I love him he's always been helpful, and no matter what everyone said, I'd keep him till he dies or I do. I continued watching the trees, where I noticed something strange I had to have a closer look.

I called,

"Mom, I'm going out"

My mom said, "Take care and try not to get near Mr. Johns, I have a strange feeling about that man."

Yeah that neighbor sure does want to hurt us or Jake.

I walked out the front door, and shut the door slowly behind. I took a few steps forward, and stopped, as I stepped on something which made a crack like a bone, I shivered breathlessly.


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