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Glistening (extreme horror contest from XxalexandraxX)

Novel By: yuu shindemura

the first B-LABEL story i have.


This is not a novel, but a short story, with the reason stated above.

a challenge coming from XxalexandraxX!

This is formatted in a YOUNG ADULT genre! i would like to say this is what young adult genre will most likely be captivating!
--in its horrid sense of course. ;)

the line she gave: “I looked at my reflection, dazed; I’m not the person I used to know, anymore.”

This is the short story that sets the debut of my B-LABEL stories genre (pls look at my profile for the definition of B-Labels).

Done again through a spur of imagination, this story is actually unique--though the elements aren't, but the storyline made it unique.

Glistening presents one exteme horror story.

thank you for reading!
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Submitted:May 23, 2009    Reads: 173    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

"…I looked at my reflection, dazed; I'm not the person I used to know, anymore…"
Part 01 of 02
There were series of murders done over the past week. Within a short time, it accumulated to already 20 persons in this series of crimes.
The mystery of it is, all the crimes happened during daylight, and yet, no one has seen who the perpetrator is. Worse, it's murder done with mutilation.
I called my father, who was working at his office over these crimes. He is the chief police of Florida, and somehow, I was worried over him… I just have a feeling of something uncomfortable.
"Yes, Kristen?" My dad answered. I could hear the background of rushing calls and sirens at his office.
"Dad, are you alright? You've been working overtime by these-these-crimes!" I exclaimed. Not that I can do anything about it.
"Sorry, kiddo…I have leads already to the case about the perpetrator…you know that he's doing his killing spree at broad daylight-"
"Dad? This is Florida-the sunshine state? Hello? Daylight is out of the question." I hissed, duh.
"Stop cracking, Kristen!" I could hear him restraining his laughter. "Look, why don't you go get yourself something to eat? I'll be home, late." He is always late. "And…well, that's it…" He continued with a bit of uncertainty on his words that made me even more anxious.
Dad always treats me like a child. I'm 20 already. Sigh…
"Dad…I, well… just be careful…ok?"
"Okay, Kristen. Love you." I hung up on him after saying I love you, too. I just got the feeling that something's not right…still, something is definitely not right…
It's already 9:30pm; quite 5 hours have passed since I called my dad. The feeling didn't subside at all…I'm beginning to get worried. I promised Eric I'd be staying at home and prefer to pass the day, I feel like sleeping, but rather, I can feel I'm anxious rather than feeling sleepy.
I looked to my phone's LCD and observe the timeless smile of Eric over the screen saver. "Hello, Eric?" I called up to him; my weird aura is eating my insides, like I'm getting insane-whatever! "Eric?"
"Yes, Krisy?" Eric answered-he's my boyfriend, though a bit older than me by a year.
"Eric-you remembered I told you about I feel something bad-like a premonition, about my dad? I can't shake it!" I groaned…it matters-like something's bad going to happen to my dad.
"Calm down, Kristen…hold up, I'll go to your place-is your dad still working?" Eric asked.
"Yeah-and he isn't back yet, Eric…" all these matters of discussing are getting my heart pumping fast.
"Then that's good news to me?" Eric made a chuckling remark. His sarcasms have come in wrong timing, but lucky him it's not the time to get mad.
"Eric?" I pressed my tone, sounding firm for him to realize to stop his sarcasms, this is not funny.
"Oh, sorry, yeah, how about we check him to the police station?"
Oh my BF, aside from getting my firm tone, is brilliant! "Oh-sure! Eric thanks-meet you there?"
"Sure, Krisy! We'll just stroll down, make sure he's ok, is it up for you?"
"Well, see you there, love lots!"
"Love you, too…Eric!" I hung up.
Twenty minutes later from the house to the police department, I saw Eric. A black-haired amber-eyed guy who loves me, standing at 5'9" with a slender posture-he's just so cute. Well, a lot of my friends say we are perfectly matched-though my hair at waist level does go in a copper-hue that compliments my green eyes, and I'm around 5'6"-5'5" I think? But they did say we are perfectly matched-I do have a secret humor of "Kristen X Eric" over. Yeah, it's a secret, I never mentioned that term to anyone, just for me to keep.
We went to dad's office up on the third floor of the police department; only to found out he's not there.
"Ms. McSaul? You're father's not here. He went with the operation team to apprehend the suspect who's been rampaging for a week, doing the series of mutilations over the victims." One of the police officers informed us. Oh great, now what?
Eric and I raced down scurrying back to the ground floor.
"Eric-we've got to find him, he's-"
"Krisy, we can't just go there. What if you get harmed? Besides, your dad knows what he's doing! The police officer also told us he has a team of eighteen men with him, and against one suspect-don't worry, your father would be safe." Eric assured me with his tender eyes.
"Eric…" My intonation made him worried that he finally asked something.
"Kristen, what is the main reason you are very tensed up? Do you have nightmares about him?" He asked as we walk out of the police department.
"No…" I said as I wrapped my palms against each other and then to my shoulder…a warm embrace hurdles softly to me. Despite his playful sarcasm, Eric is really sweet, and I love him for that.
"Kristen…I could swear you're hiding something…I know you only have your father with you, I understand that, but …" he said to me almost a whisper.
I finally gave up. "Eric, I'm most worried over my father because, back at home…I found disturbing things around his desk and some things he has. Yeah I know, my mom's gone, he's the only one I have, Eric, aside from you." He smiled as I said the last words to him, I continued, "But Eric, the stuffs I found from his room were…sickening…" I paused.
He didn't say anything, I can see in his eyes he wants me to continue.
"I found pentagrams, demonic pictures… and sigils and stuffs in his room, hidden in a compartment…there were blood trails over, and…and…a picture of slain bodies-and-and…the crucifix on his room was tilted upside-down…Eric, honestly, even the bible hidden in that compartment has blood tattered on the pages…" My thoughts are severed from the facts, I know, Eric may not believe me.
"Seriously?" he asked, and I nod after.
"No way…I…Kristen, I don't really have any idea how to say-"
I cut Eric short, "I know, you would think he's the reason behind the crimes…I do, too, Eric…that's why I was really worried about him, for all the reasons…!" I gasped, my tension about this issue is creeping me.
"I know you're worried, Kristen…we may need to go to the place…"
"Let's go then, I know where the place is. Before we went out, I slipped over his desk and found the location of his operation on the papers he has been working." I declared to him. My sleuthing genes that belonged to my dad must have acted upon that moment.
Without delay, or does he have no choice, but Eric agreed. We rode off a train until we reached the nearest station, and trailed off hiking in a deep forest. It is said on the information on my dad's desk that the location of the raid is deep within a forest, where a cabin lies up north.
It's already almost midnight when we arrived on the location, for once; it really is frightening out here. I could imagine that Eric is here with me, everything's fine-but no…this is not like in the movies or fairy tales.
We found the cabin, and it portrays the words "horrible" alive and kicking over the midnight. I smell something funny…
"Blood…this is a smell of blood…" Eric answered me, I must have been mumbling my thoughts aloud-not that it matters now. "Krisy, stay very close to me."
We went inside the cabin…the strong scent of blood that can anytime make any of us puke begins to stir on our heads.
The whole cabin was dim, Eric stopped dead on his tracks; it wasn't funny what we have seen. Bodies were lying anywhere in the floor-and I mean anywhere.
They were mutilated.
Organs and body parts of these poor people were in a mess, as much as blood painted the whole floor and even the walls.
Worse, the whole living room is a scene of the most horrific horror I could have seen, and it's a lot worse. I see the different signs and symbols with demons, the inverted pentagram, angel falling from the sky, angels being triumphed by demons-
I veered away from the crazy scenery-it's too much to bear. I can't face all of this…what the hell is dad doing here? Too many questions, but I can't find even one descent answer.
I stepped backwards, trying to grasp the fact that the people inside the cabin are dead…my dad, where is he?
"Dad? Where is…where is he?!" I exclaimed.
Suddenly, on the room on our left side from where we are standing on the living room, someone stands with an unsteady gait.
"Mr. McSaul!" Eric rushed to someone we have seen, but I cannot believe what Eric just called him…Mr. McSaul…no I refuse to believe it. My vision is dimming to see him-no, not my dad!
"Dad…?!" My voice seemed uncontrollable to me.
"He seems alright…" Eric told me. He look at my dad's body which I also observe, he's alright-no blood whatsoever gruesome things happened to him.
It was a relief.
I look straight to where the voice called my name, that voice was familiar…of course, it's my dad's. Unexpectedly, gold eyes emanating in the dim was looking towards me-
-everything went black.
Resilient thoughts came up to me as I wake up…I found myself in a bed-tied. I look around the room, and on the other bed besides mine, Eric lies also tied up.
He's still alive, isn't he? -I tried to speak; no words came out from me.
"You're awake." A voice told me. I narrowed my eyes to see a guy-he's a handsome young guy, wearing jeans with long-sleeves polo unbuttoned, baring his chest. He has gold eyes, and he is quite handsome, so to speak.
I noticed those gold eyes-then a refraction of thoughts came back to me. Before I fell unconscious, those were the gold eyes that stared right before I pass out.
No-something's not right…why does the angle or direction of the gold eyes I imagined came from my father?
I don't know…but those eyes-I could have swore I was looking into my dad's eyes, wondering why his eyes turned gold. Then this guy here, he has the same set of eyes-no, I don't understand-
"What have you done to Kristen's father, you jerk?!" Eric snarled suddenly beside me, he must have awakened, thankfully. Then I realized a major view just at the back of that mysterious guy-my father.
"Dad!" I screamed. He… is…"He…what did you do to him…?!" I panicked. Thoughts and my words seem to mix around my mind on what to say next.
Thy mysterious guy walks towards me. "You-don't you dare placing your dirty hands to Kristen!" Eric attempted to struggle, trying to loose his restraints of clothes and ropes around his arms and legs.
The mysterious guy touched my knee, and to my thighs…and he grinned facing Eric. "Why shouldn't I? After all, she's my daughter." He said out his insane words.
"What-quit screwing around, jerk!" Eric hissed, I wasn't able to say anything. But then I realize his eyes-they were familiar, if reverted back to having a green color in them, those eyes belonged to mine-and my eyes belonged to my father.
A tear flowed in my eyes. This mysterious freak gently wiped them with his fingers.
He stepped back and dragged my dad's body-and showed me the horrible look on him-
-my dad has no eyes on his sockets, rather, it was ripped. Blood trails are found near the line of his eyes. I was already confused-what just happened? My mouth can only open but no words came out.
"Kristen…it's me…your father." The mysterious guy told me gently.
"No-you can't be, you freak…!" finally, words found their way out of my mind. This psycho is telling me he's my father?!
"Drop it, psychopath!" Eric warned, his voice is getting harsher.
"Of course, you wouldn't believe me…but I know you two will very, very soon. Kristen, your mother's name is Rona, and you look just like her…she died when you were ten…you called me around 4:00pm today, I mean, yesterday since it's already past 4:00am now. Your favorite movie is The Pirates of the Carribean, and you hate horror movies, your favorite food is always hamburgers, whatever flavor they turned out to be…" he continued his facts about me, and all of them were real. "…and finally, you said to mom before she passed away, that I will always be with dad." He ended his long narration of my facts of my life, both relevant and irrelevant with a smirk on his face.
End of part 01, to continue on part 02


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