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"A Zombie's Tale"

By: Alex Sharpe

Page 1, \"A Zombie\'s Tale\" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe (C) 2011


"A Zombie's Tale" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe


I start clenching my teeth,

As I start losing my breath.

The color drains from my face,

As my brain begins to feel like empty space.

I feel like I am no longer a part of the human race.

My eyes become bloodshot.

My body smells completely of rot.

My flesh begins to turn grey,

As drool from my mouth just won't stay.

I begin to slouch toward and forward,

Arms flailing like swords.

I begin to moan. I move. I moan.

I'm moving -- Sliding my feet on the ground.

Brains! Brains! Brains! I think.

I stink.

Brains is all I think about.

Nobody knows my whereabouts.

I start to sway -- see the sun transition from night to day.

My mottled grey flesh starts to deteriorate.

My shoes come off -- as I drag the ground.

I trip over a rock -- tear my foot off.

Find out that I can still walk.

I fall over -- then get back up -- see my foot is gone -- but I still cary on.

I try to eat my foot that fell off,

But it does not taste so good, and it does nothing for me.

Brains! Brains! Brains! Is all I think about.

I scuffle past a body -- lifeless on the road.

Chew on some leftovers -- nowhere near full.

I see a bird -- I try to swing my arms at it.

I fall and I swerve. My arm falls off.

I see a little red dot travel in front of me. Walk up my chest, and the rest of my body.

I hear a very loud sound -- a sound of a gun,

The objects hits me --but I am still moving.

I walk, and I walk -- as fast as I can.

I open my mouth the moment he ran.

Prepared for a meal -- but instead -- I get a bullet of steel.

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