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The Creeper Part 2

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, The Creeper stalks again


He stalks you

Coldly in the night

Mentally ill


Thinking he won’t?

He will.

Follow you

Your shower

His eyes are the water

Your bed

His body, your ceiling

You walk

You run

He creeps


Every so carefully

You put your feet

On that comfy ottoman

Your toes

His mouth

He sucks

You kick

He smiles

You scream

He laughs

You run

Still he walks

He stalks

Your car won’t start

In the mirror you see

His eyes

He sees you

You run

But to where?

He knows your moves

before you think them

Knows your words

Before you speak them

Your ankles

Your navel

Your cheeks

Make him tickle

Make him wiggle

Tighten his pants

Make him happy

Too happy

So you run

He walks

He stalks

He is

The Creeper

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