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Thank God For Cliffs

By: Aussieb

Page 1, About a kid who wants revenge

Standing on the edge of this cliff

Looking at the rocks as its a gift

Everything in my life is gone

I think of myself as a ticking bomb


You talk shit about me to make your day

But sooner or later youll freaking pay

The day will come when your in pain

Ill make it slow and savor the pain

Your neck slit from ear to ear

Looking on you choking on your own blood will give me cheer

Youll fall to the ground in a heap

You wont say another peep

I smile a wicked smile

And stand there over you for a little while

You talked shit about me to make your day

But today was the day you fucking paid

Your bodies in my trunk ttied and bound

Your rigged body not making a sound

I pull the car up on the cliff

Looking at the rocks like a gift

I get out and shut the door

Knowing in my mind I want more

I pop the trunk and grab your body

I feel so fucking happy and jolly

I toss your body off the cliff

And watch as you sink into the abyss...

Standing on the edge of this cliff

Looking at it as a gift...

Thinking in my mind who esle gave me shit.

Looking at this cliff as a gift

Thinking to myself, I could get used to this

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