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If I Shall

By: Bonnylynn

Page 1, Searching for a Heart Beat!

If I shall walk a lonely path, into a darkened wood.
I'd hum, and stroll to find a soul mainly cause I could.
If all are gone , I'll sing a song to pass away the hour.
That is until I reach the top of my sacred tower.
When inside you can not hide, the pain you will endure.
Though when were done, the funs begun, and soon my dear will soar.

Above the trees, until you feel a hunger deep within.
Just close your eyes, and feel the urge, I'll be your guide....listen!
The pounding of the human heart makes you start to ache.
All the powers inside of you are soon to be awake.
For once unleashed, the fear will be you among the night.
The pain you'll inflict, with one little nic, is called the Vampire Bite.

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