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Shadowy Hell

By: BUnique

Page 1, A poem about been alone and once you are, you witness a frighting shadow.


Shadowy Hell

Laying down, alone in bed,
I attempt to sleep and end the day.
My eyes closed shut, my ears aware,
Something is creeping around my stairs.

My body frozen, heart beating fast,
I try not to breath, or make a sound.
My eyes are stuck, watching the door.
Fear like this, I’ve never felt before.

Here it comes, booming up the stairs,
It laughs so evil, as it, ascends.
My sweating hands, grip the duvet tight,
I pray, will this torture end tonight?

Standing next to the bed, I now see,
A shadowy figure, lurking over me.
I blink so fast, I gasp, he is gone.
I release the words thank you, thank you God.

But as I lay, I come to realise,
The figure is not gone, it’s merely behind.
I turn  in my bed,
To come face to face, with the shadow,
My shadowy hell.

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