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Streetlight Madness

Poetry By: dibbledabble

This poem is based on reality and real emotions but the response goes way beyond sane.

The street light exists, it is a lone light half a mile from my window. The irrational irration of its existence and the reasons why are true.

I really would like some help with the end. I have never attempted to write in the style and do not know how to punctuate or describe the actions of the charator to really make it hard hitting.

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Streetlight Madness

Harsh streetlight I despise you

Encroaching on the serene night sky

Infecting the subtle shades of dark with your false rays

Peaceful night caresses my mind

as does the silhouetted woodland the silent hamlet.

We are not asleep we do not desire sleep

Not yet, our desire is more ethereal than that

We lay, the hushed somnolent landscape and I

Quiet in thoughtless drifting beneath a velvet canopy


To be, but not to be, not singular or individual

Just a fragmented part of the stillness and peace.

In oneness with settling nightfall.

To breathe but not exist.

But YOU, light giver!

With your obnoxious insistence that light is good

YOU refuse to grant my spirit her freedom

Your abusive glow like manacles chain her to my eyes

Crouch under the inky darkness

Charging your atoms so busily

A coarse orange blob

Polluter of pure light and shadow.

Unnatural fiend

Why must my eyes fall on you!

YOU confirmer of existence!

Why do you remind me I live?

Can I not merge with nothingness for just a moment?

Must I be provoked into thought every waking minute?

Is there no escape from your righteous wattage?

Pumping out your luminosity for the safe keeping of us all

I did not ask for you! I DO NOT NEED YOU!

I am sick. SICK of your belligerent intrusion

Look at me! CAN YOU SEE ME!

with my thumbs pressed in my eyes

Mindless wonder of science. STUPID streetlight

YOU have no will of your own!

YOU are either on or off at the bequest of man

YOU cannot feel pain. Physical or mental

I can, I do! I soak it up like you soak up nature's nightly veil

YOU cannot pluck out your bulb of your own free choice

I, I choose to see you no more!!

ARRH!!! Pain. All consuming, no other thought now, just the pain!

And black nothingness, no hues of deep blues and charcoal greys

No warm orange glow.

Just ghoulish hollowed sockets.

Wet cheeks and gooey eyeballed thumbs

Sight no more, odorous pungent blood fills my nostrils

No more can your light demand I acknowledge my existence

You are gone.

All light is gone

Subtle night or harsh electric light

Look what you have made me do!


Streetlight where are you?


By Dibs

I have struggled with the last section of this poem, how to express the pain and madness of the moment. Please make your suggestions on how I could have made this more realistic and horrific.


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