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My Neighbors

By: Disturbations of the deep

Page 1, A short poem about creepy neighbors

My neighbors....

Where to begin...

how about the weird things that occur

when they're in

Like the voices i hear about murder and treason

and the faces i see at the window at the end of the dead season

And the screams i hear down in the basement

and at christmas what are there presents?


They knock at my window late at night

Asking for rope and maybe a knife

What about the crawling around i hear from the attic

and the weird sparks from their house like its static


As I am writing this poem at my desk

They are knocking, trying their best

To get in and rip my head right off

I found out their secret and with a cough


I blew my cover and now they're here

Trying to be nice but i can tell theirs no cheer

And in the last line I am hoping to tell you

The secret that i found out......


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