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Please Stop Screaming

By: Elune

Page 1, She wouldn\'t stop screaming. I couldn\'t let her keep screaming.

Please Stop Screaming


I came home last week,

She was screaming again.

She won't even let me comfort her.

I couldn't sleep.


I came home yesterday,

She was screaming again.

I shush her and shake her,

Why won't she just stop her screaming?


She doesn't leave her room,

I can't even call her out.

I love her so badly,

I need her to love me back.


I came home today,

This time it's deafening.

I can't keep going on like this,

I need to stop her screaming.


The blood is everywhere,

I'm staring at her lying on the ground.

She wouldn't stop her screaming,

It wasn't my fault.


Finally, she's making a noise I like.

It's a cracking noise, it's loud but it's music to my ears.

She's screaming again.

I want her to make her cracking noise again.


I slammed her head into the wall.

I did it, and she's finally quiet.

I can finally have some peace now.

I love her so much when she's quiet.


But now I have to call my wife,

Tell her I'm sorry and I want to die for what I did,

Tell her I didn't mean to do it,

Tell her I didn't mean to drop our precious baby girl.

















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