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Cursed River

By: EmoGothVampGurl

Page 1, One of my favorite t.v. shows is the new series called \"The River\". It\'s about a man who goes missing on the Amazon River, well part of it called the Bouina, and supernatural stuff happens. It\'s scary at times and lots of magic happens. But enough of the show. Here\'s a poem about it.

"Cursed River"


You should fear the little kid tales

(Usted debe temer a los cuentos infantiles pequenos)

Some of them are very true

(Algunos de ellos son muy ciertas)

Anything you want to deny will bite you back

(Cualquier cosa que negar la va a morder de nuevo)

Be very wary of these tales

(Ser muy cuidadoso de estos cuentos)

It may just be your last adventure

(Sólo puede ser su última aventura)

Beware and do not waste breath on denial

(Tenga cuidado y no perder el aliento en la negación)

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