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Cutting The Thread

By: FrozenDreamer

Page 1, How I See Death...

I am death.

I do not steal life, or end it,

I simply cut the thread that binds that person.

I free them.

No longer are they trapped on this Earth,

They are reunited with loved ones.


I am not evil, nor heartless,

I just follow the orders given by Life.

Every person has a beginning, so every person must have an end.

Without me, there would be no life.

I am balance.


When I leave this Earth with a soul,

They never really leave.

That soul watches and cares for their family.

And very soon, mere years,

They will be together again.


So do not curse my name, by screaming at the sky,

For I am not mean or cruel.

I am needed, I am vital.

So when you see me, do not struggle,

Smile and offer me your hand,

As minutes from then, you will find everyone you have ever


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