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By: Km2

Page 1, Inspired by many of the works that I\'ve read on Booksie, so I put this little poem together today. Hope you enjoy.

My skin falls slack

Rotting from the bone

Everytime, I attack

I lurch and I moan


I'm always on the move

Searching, for my next meal

Finding my very groove

My body, none of which I can feel


I love to eat flesh

Dripping with blood; and BRAINS!

Chasing it; it's so very fresh

Catching it; then I will maim


The brains are so tasty

Giving me nourishment

The feeling sliding down my throat; nasty

But gives me sustanence


As I approach my next victim

My grasping arms, outstretched

I Intended to kill him

Eating his face till I had wretched


The zombies come at me, then I

Raised my gun attempting to block

That didn't work, then I just died

So I got up, pushing power on my Xbox

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