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Paradise In Blood Red Letters

By: Lenore G98

Page 1, The war of the brain... an addiction to pain to make physical the pain you feel in your heart.


Here we go again, another blank page..

Filling up with my feelings, my pain, and my rage.

But what do I turn to, the pencil, or the blade.

A marching band of letters.. or a blood parade.

My mind crawls with thoughts of love.

A world unlike any other, the land above.

What is paradise like..? That world unknown..

Must be better than here.. Everyone beaten, bruised, alone.

Love isn't perfect, nothing is, you see..

Sad to say, there's a lock on my heart and you hold the key.

You took that key, and threw it away.

So I may love no one, not even to this day.

I grow colder, year by year.. an icy black night, that one lonely tear.

My mind was filled with thoughts of you.

Knowing you loved me, seemed to good to be true.

So indeed it was, one horrible lie.

It was way too easy for you to say goodbye.

So again my only question.. the pencil or the blade?

Which one of my dear friends will come to my aid?

Winding patterns of cute little gashes.

My entire world is turning to ashes.

Can life be loved, while being lived alone?

Doesn't matter anymore, goodbye to you and hello to the great unknown.




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